Monday, 30 December 2013

miniature empire gaming store, Gants Hill Ilford

Today I made my first foray into 28mm gaming for over 15 years.

I am lucky enough to live a 10 min drive from my local gaming shop at Gants hill, Ilford. I noticed it months ago but finally had an excuse to pop in.

First impressions were good. The young lad behind the counter was really helpful and did not try to convince me I needed to buy the whole shop. There is 20min free parking outside and a pay by phone parking bay just round the corner.

First thing that struck me returning to my old hobby was the amount of choice I now have with regards to paint and colours. When I last painted acrylic paints were new on the market and you had a choice of 24 colours and 8 inks. Now it is like a Dulux colour chart with colours with the most ridiculous names! I did at one point say "look mate I just want red!"

They do not sell Bloodbowl figures (mail order only I found out) but all Citadel products in store are 20% off the RRP price all year round so it is all comparable with internet prices time you add in the postage. RESULT!!

They had some really nicely painted miniatures in the windows which was certainly an eye opener

Looks like I have also found my Human team medic and his nursing staff. Malifaux here we come!

I think it is going to be good to be back......

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