Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bloodbowl a 25 year pass time

This christmas as has happened for the last 20 odd years me and my brother pulled out my original 1988 version of Bloodbowl for our annual game of unsportsmanship (me) and blood splattered sporting finesse (him)

During the game which I won by basically fouling and multiple blocking the other team off the field (I love being Orks) we got talking about how cool it would be to finally get round to painting up some figures (25 years later!!!).

To be honest I have been looking for a new hobby and I think it might be time to revisit an old one.
I figure this blog could be a cool way to make sure I keep on track and I have a year to get both teams painted.

Anyway off to root around an old box of miniatures I have in the loft and maybe a quick visit to Ebay.

Here goes nothing.........

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