Saturday, 3 March 2018

1800 point army for Riotville finished?????

So 24 days ago my 1800 points of Chaos Warriors for Riotville LIVE 2018 looked like this. . . . .

I only needed to paint 23 Chaos warriors, 2 Gorebeast chariots, 5 Chaos Knights, a BSB, a Sorceror, 10 Chaos hounds and two Spawn!!!!!

So how did I do?

Pretty good!

That's 5 Knights, 5 Chaos hounds and a gore beast chariot done.

The Deamon was donated by Lee (top bloke)!

A block of 23 chaos warriors with a Chaos Sorceror and BSB. I did cheat and use two unit fillers!

There is also another two units of Chaos hounds.

Finally my two Spawn and another unit of Chaos Hounds.

I probably could have got the second chariot finished today but with all the other running around I am happy to leave it at is.

I spent the last three days praying to the dice gods for a 'snow day' as it seemed every other school in the country was closed but truth be told we did not really have a reason to close.

The boards are now cut, the sheets laminated, my army packed and crates of terrain filled all ready for Riotville LIVE 2018 tomorrow.

Can't wait!!!!!!


  1. Can't wait mate should be a grate day if gaming...

    1. I'm knackered now but will be raring to go tomorrow!!!!

  2. Good job bud, I must get round to learning to batch paint again so I can knock out the numbers like you have.

    1. Thanks man. I do not consider any of the mini's finished but they are sufficent for Riotville LIVE!!!

      Any news on my Beasties mate?

    2. You should of had them long time ago bud, posted on the Thursday following payment. I'll Email you :)

  3. Well I hope you're having a great day all of you, think of me still stuck up North in the snow :-)

  4. Going to be a sweet looking army once ypuve got it all painted up!

    1. Thanks man. The army ticked the box for the day but I am looking forward to revisiting the army over the next two weeks to really make it 'pop'!


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