Friday, 9 March 2018

Riotville LIVE 2018!! Round four.

Round four would see the Chaos allies turn on each other in an effort to appease the gods of chaos! . . .

 . . . . and Anthony and I just fancied a stand up, rock em - sock em, tear up!

The former allies gather their forces. . . . .

Once again the Chaos hounds are sent forward via 'vanguard'.

This causes the blood lust of Anthony's Beastmen to boil over and his chariots sound the charge!

In order to stall out their advance and give me more time to blast the chariots with magic I have the hounds flee . . . much to Anthonys scorn.

On my left flank I advance aggressively with my more mobile forces. My Sorceror also blasts away at the nearest Beastmen chariot with magic.

Anthony creates and sends forth a spawn to slow the advance of my forces.

The Beautifully painted Beastmen 'Jabberslythe' plants itself on the rocky outcrop.

One of the Beastmen chariots careers into my block of warriors but their high armour value saves their skin.

Then the Jabberslyth swoops down behind my forces!

Thankfully I am used to these kind of shernanigans thanks to 'hand of Gork' and 'walk between worlds' so I use my remaining hounds to block it's charge lane and re-direct it away from the flank of my warriors.

My spawn uses it's randon movement to crash through the forest!

The plan was to direct all it's attacks against the Beastmen BSB but it is hacked down before it even has a chance to bring it's attacks to bear!

At least the photo looks cool ;0)

The game of 'cat and mouse' continues round the central 'plateau'.

My Knights fail their charge which allows the Beastmen chariot to counter-charge.

This stops my Knights rushing round the plateau and possibly winning me the game. . . .

Anthony creates another spawn to engage my flanking forces.

My Knights finally banish the chariot but has this cost me too much time????

With the sands of time swiftly running through my fingers I try a desperate act to tip the balance in my favour. . . . .

My BSB races out of the block of warriors on his own to engage the Beastmen spawn!

This allows my Sorceror one more magic phase to blast into the horde of Beastmen with his spells as my flanking forces race into position . . . .

The hope was that my Exalted hero BSB could chew through the Beastman spawn in a single round of combat and then over run into the horde behind to challenge the Beastman leader to single combat in the Beastmans turn!

Unfortunately the Chaos hero failed to inflict enough casualties to kill the Spawn in a single round of combat allowing me to over run into the horde behind .

In the final turn my BSB single handedly charges the horde of Beastmen but it is too little to late and he does not have sufficent time to drag down the Beastman lord.

The game is declaired a draw but the battle was balanced on a knifes edge to the very end.

The second table would see Lee's Imperial army clash against Lano's aloof woodelves.

Lano pulls a master stroke when he plonks his forest down right in the middle of the table.

Having baited the Empire into thinking the Elven Glade guard would deploy in the forest Lee positioned his forces accordingly.

Instead the Elves use the forest as a fulcrum to evade the Imperial heavy cavalry while their scouts and fast cav snipe out the Imperial artillery and ranged units.

The final turns see the flower of the Imperial cavalry forced to engage near a forest and subsequently ambushed by Elven 'wild riders' and great eagles.

Once again Lano takes the victory.

The third table would witness Macca's undead take on the Dwarves of Shaggy.

Still smarting from the thrashing by Lano, Shaggy shows he is a fast learner and is much more selective with his deployment.

As the Undead advance into the withering Dwarven fire, the Dwarves are horrified to see two zombies rise for every undead sent back to Morr!

As the Dwarves are mesmerised by the advancing hordes of undead Macca creeps his faster moving units round the flanks to target the Dwarven artillery.

As the Dwarves smash apart a unit of undead another just seems to rise in it's place!

Macca decides the time is right and commits his Blood Knights on the exhausted Dwarves.

The Blood Knight charge in but are vanquished by the stubbon Dwarves!

Both armies fight to the bitter end but at the end of turn six the war of attrittion is declaired a draw.

The forth table would see a feud between the eternal enemies of Phil's Dark Elves verses their High born kin commanded by Ed.

This battle would see the Dark Elves outmanouvered by the high Elves of Ed.

This helped minimise High Elf casualties so they could 'alpha strike' both the Dark Elf artillery and Dark Elf lord!

This clever stratagem finally stalls out the ramgage of the Dark Elves and Ed is declared the winner!

So that concluded Riotville LIVE 2018!! and TWELVE hours of gaming and FREE drinks.

This final round of battles would see Lano and his High Elf allies surge through the middle of the map conquering territories from Dark Elves, Undead and the Empire!!

Phil / Dark Elves = Purple, Lee / Empire = White, Macca / Indead = Black, Lano / Wood Elves = Green, Me / Chaos = Blue.

Here is the map after it has been colour coded . . .

Phil / Dark Elves = Purple, Lee / Empire = White, Macca / Indead = Black, Lano / Wood Elves = Green, Me / Chaos = Blue.

Damn that is a lot of green!!!!!!!!

The final tally would be (in no particular order);

Lano / Wood elves; 3 victories,
Phil / Dark Elves; 3 victories and a loss,
Macca / Undead; 1 Win, two draws and a loss,
Lee / Empire; 2 wins and 2 losses,
Ed / High Elves (and ally of Lano); 2 wins and a loss,
Shaggy / Dwarves (and ally of Lee); 3 losses and a draw,
Jesus George / Dwarves (and Ally of Lee); 3 hard fought losses,
Anthony / Beastmen (and ally of Chaos); 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses,
Me / Chaos; 1 win and 2 draws.

I wanted to thank all the participants for turning up and making the day such a laugh. All the Generals wanted to win but not at the cost of their sense of humour which made the day competative but so much fun.

Finally I wanted to give special praise to Lano for organising all the event packs as well as always being on call for rule checks and umpiring.

Same time next year lads?


  1. Thanks for organising the day mate really enjoyed it and look forward to next year!

  2. Great stuff you had a smashing time obviously, wish I could have been there :-)

    1. There is always next year mate . . . . . .

  3. Very nice - Really enjoyed this series. Good stuff, man!

    1. Thanks man.

      It was knackering but a great day of gaming!

  4. Bloody good stuff. Wish I had the space, time and patience to try and paint up a large fantasy army again. Instead, I'll live vicariously through your posts - which of course means you'll need to start a Nurgle army so I get my money's worth!

    1. Funny you should mention that . . . I have been thinking about a third army. . . .😁


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