Thursday, 8 March 2018

Riotville LIVE 2018!! Round three.

Lunch would see all the Generals of Riotville LIVE!! seated around a long table in a side room which quickly began to resemble a scene from 'Game of thrones' (without the shagging and incest!!) as each general began their mind games and politicking for the rounds ahead.

Goodness knows how many under the table deals and pacts were agreed during that time?

With everyone well fed the Generals returned to 'the war room'.

Round three would see the green eared Dwarven General, Shaggy take on the salty dog of Lano.

This game would see Shaggy schooled in the basics of WHF when his poor initial deployment saw ALL of his ranged attack options engaged and destroyed by the end of turn one!!

This left Shaggy's remaining units crawling forward into an absolute hail of ranged Elven attacks!

This saw the Dwarves decimated by volleys of arrows and poisoned attacks before the tattered remains of the once proud Dwarven army were finally put out of their misery in round four!

The second table saw Phil's dark Elves take to the field against Anthony's Beastmen.

With two aggressive land grabs on his borders last round and Lano thrashing the Dwarves Phil could not show any mercy in the upcoming battle!

This resulted in Anthony being brutalished with multiple 2D6 strength 5 doom bolts and Dark Elf crossbolts!!

I have to be honest and admit this was probably the reason I could not find the motivation to finish my own Beastmen.

The thought of painting all those Beastmen to just have them decimated by ranged attacks could not get me pumped up to get them finished in time!

After seeing this massacre I really need to rethink my Beastman army list.

The continued volleys of Dark Elf arrows and magic would see Anthony's Beastmen mown down in swathes before they can even get to grips with the Dark Elf infantry!

This will see Phil walk away the winner by 12 victory points.

The third table saw the Empire of men throw down against the High Elves of Ed.

Lee's deployment meant he could bring his guns to bear immediately.

This saw the Elves desperately advancing towards the Imperial guns despite their mounting casualties.

Lee judges the moment to strike perfectly and the Steam tank races forward and starts the grind.

This sees the Elven Lord dragged under the wheels of the Steam tank and ground into the mud.

This sees Lee declaired the victor by 12 victory points.

The fourth table saw Jesus George take on Macca's Undead.

Despite the intensity of the Dwarven guns the Undead use their fast moving units to close on the Dwarves.

The silencing of the Dwarven guns sees the Dwarf infantry swarmed under the constantly growing undead hordes.

Despite the stubbon defense of the Dwarves they are slowly pushed back.

The Undead were forced to fight for every step but were declaired the victors by the sixth turn.

The third round sees the Wood Elves continue to expand through the forests of the Island while despite his victory Macca is forced to conceed territory to both the Wood Elves and their Evil kin.

Lee's empire of men = White, Phil's Dark Elves = Purple, Lano's Elves = Green, Macca's Undead = Black, My Chaos forces = blue.


  1. Yep got schooled in that game....sooooo many arrows....

    1. This is why I do a lap of honour when ever I beat Lano. The kid is a beast!!!!

      I am now convinced that it was looking at both Phil's and Lano's armies was the reason I could not find the mojo to complete my own Beastman army.

  2. Another excellent round, feel the Beastman pain, have been there plenty of times myself, they definitely need Harpies or gargoyles to attack those guns. Look forward to next round.

    1. I also spoke to Anthony about the Beastman special character who can drop D3 comets on the enemy once a game. That combined with the 'Amber spear' for magic and some Harpies should help redress the balance.


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