Monday, 5 March 2018

Riotville LIVE 2018!! Round one.

So round one kicked off after a hearty breakfast in the Redhouse restaurant. We then bundled upstairs to kick lumps out of each other.

My first opponent would be Shaggy of 'Shaggy Wargaming fame' and his Dwarves.

My first move was to vanguard all my Chaos hounds up the field to get in the grill of the Dwaven artillery.

 The rest of my forces marched up the field to close the gap as soon as possible.

This does leave an opening for the Dwarf Hammerers to charge in. This is the smart move as my knights on the charge would have shreaded the Dwarves!

The dwarf Gyro copter also gets to fly in behind my forces to spray away!

A combination of; spray attack, artillery fire and a 'calamitious detonation' miscast during my magic phase sees my Chaos Warriors absolutely decimated!!!!!!

Thankfully it also shreads the dwarf Hammers. The remainer of my Chaos warriors rip into the remaining Dwarf Hammers.

My Spawn's random movement also means I can snare the Gyrocopter allowing my Ogres to rip it apart.

This turn also sees me get off a charge with my Gorebeast chariot. I am VERY pleased with the resulting carnage!!!!

With the remaining Dwarves too far away I have to contend with blasing away with my lore of metal spells.

The Gorebeast also finally charges the organ gun and smashes it to splinters!

With only tattered remains of both armies left on the field I have one final Magic phase to tip the balance. A super lucky roll of the die sees me roll a six which allows me to 'snipe' the Dwarven general and take the victory with essentially the last roll of the dice!!!!!!!

Over on the second table 'Jesus George's' Dwarves were throwing down with Phil's Dark Elves.

This was a battle of gunlines as both armies were long range heavy.

This resulted in Phil tipping the balance through the use of superiour magic and movement.

This would see Phil walk away the winner by 12 victory points.

The third table saw Lee and his Empire facing off against Anthony and his horde of Beastmen. 

This would see the Beastmen advance into an absolute cannoncade of black powder shot before being ground down by the rampaging Imperial Steam tank!!

This resulted in the beautifully painted Beastmen being 'tabled' by turn six.

But as Anthony texted me later 'Lee is such a nice bloke  I cannot bear a grudge'.

Here is how the map looked after the first round of carnage.

Dark Elves Purple, Elves Green, Undead black, Empire and it's allies White, Chaos and it's allies light blue.


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a grand first round, look forward to reading more, good stuff Riot :-)

    1. It was the start of a brilliant day of gaming!


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