Thursday, 22 February 2018

Positive signs for the future. Blitz bowl and Space Marine Adventures

I was really pleased to read this week that GW are returning to producing kid appropriate, entry level board games.

Even with the great nods GW are giving to their past (as well as realizing how profitable it is!!) it seems they have re-realized how important the 'game in a box' products are in getting fresh blood into the hobby.

My introduction to GW was via 'Dark Future' (1988). The game itself was shit but the important thing was my best mate and I could walk into a GW, put down a tenner each and we were 'in' the hobby.

It did not matter that the game was a bit shit because it was only a tenner each, so when Space Hulk come out the next year it was much easier to convince my mum to give me some cash to give another game a go.

Now Space Hulk was THE ONE!!! I still have the original set I bought in 1989 and it is a game I still pull out and play to this day!

So why do I think these games are important?

Well last week I was at the Warhammer store in Tottenham Court Road with my lad ordering some Shadespire stuff. While I was there I was approached by another dad who had a lad of a similar age to my son for some advice. His lad desperately wanted to get into the hobby but the poor bloke had no idea where to start!!

I have raved in the past about the Age of Sigmar starter set. But looking at this set if I was a dad with no idea it would be really daunting, and a lot of work sticking all the bits together before you can even get started.

Next I took him to the Shadespire starter set. Push fit figures and every thing you needed in a box but the lad wanted to play 'Space men'!

Thankfully the store had a copy of 'Lost Patrol' on the shelves and they ended up walking away with that . . . . BUT I am not convinced they will ever get round to playing it for the same reasons as the fella was unsure about the Sigmar starter set. . . It comes in so many pieces.

What I really wanted to recommend was this . . . .

Ultra Marine is a great introduction game to 40K with simple rules, one piece coloured plastic figures and a surprising amount of  tactical play for such a simple game.

My lad and I both LOVE this game!

What I have been trying to get my hands on for the longest time for a decent price is these . . .

And this is why I think these new games are important.

Low introduction costs, push fit / one piece miniatures that do not require painting, everything in one box and easy to follow rules.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.


  1. Aye I'm quite excited about the new box games, hoping the Space Marine Adventures is fairly well priced so I can grab a copy for the Marines and maybe Necrons (If they arn't just tokens). The Marines inside are the same sculpts as they Wave 1 Japanese only Marines from last year so would be nice to own them anyway.

    1. I have seen photos of actual Necron miniatures for the game so fingers crossed.

  2. I have to say that the new sets of games that have emerged in the last couple of years suggests GW are looking to their younger players, all good :-)

    1. I agree but there is no way most parents will fork out nearly £100 pound for a 'Lets see if I like it game' like Silver tower or Shadow wars. £30 all in, in a box is a lot more likely to be bought as a taster. I have high hopes for these games.

  3. This is how I got into the hobby and I'm glad GW are seeing clearly on this as long as they make these games accessible like you've described with prices that won't cause new-comers to avoid them altogether.

    1. I totally agree. It's like a drug dealer. Give them the first hit cheap and then then make them pay for later hits of plastic crack!! 😀


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