Saturday, 17 February 2018

Creative Biscuit. South Woodford wargaming with Scythe . . . and expansion packs!

 This Friday at the Creative Biscuit four of us met up to play Scythe.

This time Tim had gone out and bought himself the extra factions and Airships expansion sets.

Things were about to get a LOT more complicated!

SEE!! It's even more complicated!

Game one would see Ed and his Japanese be the first to lay down his six stars but when all the points were tallied up Shaggy was declaired the winner!

Game two would see us randomly draw our factions again and take to the skies!

Once again Ed was the first to throw down his six stars.

This time despite my aggressive expansion up the middle of the board Ed was declaired the winner when all the points were totalled up.

Got to love this game as displacing opponents workers causes your popularity to drop which means your resources and stuff are worth less in the end game!

It is a REALLY tactical game.

The air ships not only add additional elements due to their transport abilities but also generate random abilities which had a big influence on both games!

REALLY enjoying this game.

Second part of the Armageddon day coming soon!

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