Thursday, 15 February 2018

Armageddon day! Part one.

 This Thursday I got over to Shaggy's bright and early so we could rip into each other apart via the medium of 'Shadow Wars'.

Game 1 would see us set the field for a meat and potatoes 'Kill team fight' . . . and what a table!

Not bad considering none of this stuff existed 6 weeks ago.

The first turns would see my Orks run forward towards the waiting guns of the Chaos Marines!

I figured the 'cultist' are the achilies heel of Shaggy's warband. I definately figured they were easier to take out then the toughness 5 Space Marines.

Using all my Mordheim experiences I bolt forward from cover to cover and there is no way I am climbing terrain when my Boyz are only initiative 2 for falling tests! No thanks I will stay on terra firma.

My 'spanner' with the heavy shooter starts to take his toll thanks to the sustained fire of his 'eavy shooter and the cultist start to fall.

In the centre of the field 'Klunk' is hit again and again and will spend the majority of the game on his arse!

'Nobbie' my leader rounds the corner and opens up on the nearest Space Marine . . . and misses!

With a smirk on hs face Shaggy reaches of his die and . . . . . rolls a one!!

Not believing his luck 'Nobbie' charges forward and rips the shocked Space Marine to pieces!

With only two fighters left on the field Shaggy decides to throw in the towel.

Game 2

During the final throws of the first game the door bell rung and Ed turned up with his dirty, dirty Elves!

We decide to keep the table as is and Shaggy swaps sides.

As the two lads are setting up I dive into my carry case and start recruiting extra fighters.

Being Ed's first game they decide to play another 'Kill team fight'.

With both warbands runnig around with a 3+ armour saves (pussies!) despite the cannoncade of lead casualties are sparse.

Then Ed turns his attention to the much more fragile Cultist and the casualties start to rocket!

With the Eldar taking to the high ground Shaggy's chaos forces are forced to climb up in order to catch the elusive pointy ear gits!

This flushes the cultist out of cover and the Eldar decimate the exposed cultist.

This causes Shaggy to take a bottle test which he fails and conceeds the field.

With game two over Shaggy is banished to the kitchen to cook pizza while Ed and I geared up for war!

Game 3 would be a 'scavengers' mission with us both bolting about in search for loot.

With only five Elves on the field my Orks had all sorts of bonuses due to their superiour numbers.

With the 'scavenger' mission we had to be careful as all the previous gunfire had awoken a beast from the depths. . . . .

We decide to concentrate the loot markers around the centre of the board to force the warbands to clash.

On the right flank my 'eavy shooter and Rokkit launcher start to drop the Eldar.

Despite these loses the Eldar refuse to flee and the Eldar heavy weapon starts to take it's toll before running out of ammo!!

Ed is very wary of my leader 'Nobbie' and continues to 'run and gun'.

I decide to charge in with my boys and am surprised with how tough the Eldar are in hand to hand thanks to their high weapon skills.

This causes me to fail my bottle roll and once again Ed takes the W.

Part two coming soon . . . . .


  1. Must of been a fun day, after all you got you nobbie out to play :)

    1. It's always nice when my Nob gets some time in the sunshine 😁

  2. Sounds like fun and always good to get several games in in one session :-)

    1. The first game took a while but after that we flew through the games. 6 games in under 7 hours!!


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