Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Tomorrow I'm Ar going to Gedd it On!!!!

Used the half term to crank out some last bits of terrain for Shaow Wars Armageddon tomorrow at Shaggy's.

First up is Observation post 21.

The base is the one I used for 'The Gatehouse' during the Badlands campaign.

I just grabbed another CD spool cover and gave it a quick and easy paint job.

Both the machine gun on top and the Servator are Ramshackle efforts! Please support Curtis he does great stuff.

The bulk head door is from a TT scenics set.

Is it a servator or an undercover Mechanicus looking for lost STC teplates in the war torn Armageddon?

Next up is an abandoned vehicle. Once again all the bits are Ramshackle bits!

There's that bloody servator again!

I have heard unconfirmed reports that there may also be some Eldar in the vicinity tomorrow!


  1. Mate they Look great!!
    Yes I feel it too.... my Chaos senses are tingling....I feel the presence of the Eldar too.....


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