Thursday, 12 November 2015

Inquisimunda back ground fluff.

Ever since it's rediscovery Planet Catharia had been a headache for the Ministorium. Despite being separated from the Empire for thousands of years it had held true to the belief system of the Imperium. The problem was, without the guidance of the Ministorium, multiple variances and schisms of the central tenants had become prevalent amongst the population, leading to constant internecine wars between the various factions.

Upon its rediscovery and the extermination of the more heretical cults it was decided to allow the other factions to continue, but to keep the main populous at a medieval level of development. The reasons were several fold; 
By allowing the internecine wars to continue the Imperium could recruit cadres of battle hardened and experienced warriors into the PDF and Imperial Guard. 
By extolling the battle honours and merits of a rival factions regiment, the Imperial Guard Commander could motivate his own Regiment to even greater feats of heroics to exceed their rivals. 
Thirdly by keeping the wars waged at a medieval level the plantary governor could limit collaterial damage from the constant wars as well as prevent the loss of whole swathes of the population to mechanised warfare.

This was until the appearance of Johan the preacher!

This Heretic had appeared from the central desert like a mirage onto the streets of Catharia Tertius. At first he was ignored by the citizens of the small city, just another raggedy, madman from the desert promising false promises of salvation. However this man claimed to be a prophet of the Son of 'Him on Earth'! A disciple of the Son of the God Emperor!

As the number of Johan's followers slowly grew and he lead larger and larger groups of acolytes into the desert never to return, his sermons come to the attention of the planetary Inquisitor Petrov Instalinov. Inquisitor Petrov lead a band of Henchman into the desert to investigate and apart from a snippet of a radio communication which was soon classified as 'Hereticus extremus' and buried deep within the Inquisitional vaults he was never heard of again!

Unfortunately Inquisitor Petrov was one of the few Inquisitors, the Lords of the various Puritan and Radical factions within the Inquisition could agree on being stationed on this hotbed of potential Heresy.

Now several bands of Inquisitors as well as agents of several pious and antonym agencies where converging on Planet Catharia to investigate!

So the above is my attempt at some background fluff for a upcoming Inquisimunda campaign, set ten years after the Battle of Vigos.  Turns out I am probably a worse writer then I am a painter. Good job I have mad dancing skills ;0)


  1. Nice! I look forward to seeing yours and 2keys war bands.

  2. I'm working as fast as I can... I actually got to paint for longer than 10 mins yesterday!

    1. Thats got to be at least 6 goblins worth!!

  3. Replies
    1. Funnily enough I was wishing the same thing ;0)


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