Monday, 9 November 2015

Genius is talent set on fire by courage. Henry Van Dyke. . . . . . Sort of!

This Sunday I managed to get out of the house at a decent hour to attend the Essex Legion.

The original intention was to get a game of Inquisimunda in, but 2Key is like me and hates fielding unpainted miniatures, especially with how excited we are about our Warbands.

This resulted in us pulling out the dreaded Warmachine!

First up here is 2Keys 25 points of flamey Goodness. He was good enough to hide his unpainted figures behind the trees.

I reach for Magnus as I figure Ashlynn will struggle against the Menoth with all its' flame attack and Knockdown ability. I am good enough to hide my unpainted cavalry out of shot.

first turn and the shernanigans begin. I run forward to get my guns into range next turn. 2Key starts droneing on with his choir and suddenly the Jacks can not be shot at!

I have a go at his mental, killy solo but she is sitting on silly defence and easily evades my average MAT attacks.

and then 2Key counter attacks and most of my Steelhead mercenaries disappear!

2Key also brings his Zealots out of hiding but then actives some sort of mini feat and suddenly they are impervious to damage! Yep it's going to be one of those games!

I make the genius decision of a tactical withdraw i.e. I run away!

The Zealots being impervious to pain decide to follow.

On my decimated left flank I charge the last of my Steelheads to tie up Kreoss. . . .at least the picture is of painted miniatures.

On the right my Long gunners and Kell go nuts and riddle the Zealots with bullets!

and then I go and throw the game! In the excitment I had activated Magnus and then activated Kell BEFORE I had used Magnus' spells on the enemy Jacks OR popped my feat!

This means . . . . . . .

2Keys lovely painted Jack is in and my Renegade is wrecked!

then his light jack strolls up and lets loose with it's flamer!

On fire, on minimal health boxes and with nowhere to go, Magnus pitches in and goes nuts before he succumbed to the flames.

A well deserved victory for 2Key!


  1. As Treguard from knightmare used to say Oooooo Nasty!

    1. Magnus is an Emo. He would have wanted it this way.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful write up highlighting my tactical genius and ruthless execution of a floor less plan.
    Or more accurately...
    Thank you for the wonderful write up of a game of too many mistakes on both sides. Them log gunners are nasty! I expected at least one Zealot to live, but I guess that's what happens when you advance over the open field of no mans land under the cover of daylight towards a rapid firing gun line!
    But the pictures look really good.
    Thanks again for the game.

    1. Yer it was really a game of who could fuck up the least!

      That would be you.

  3. Loved the report! Special effects and commentary made it for me - brilliant fun.

    1. Cheers, I played so badly I had to try and cheer myself up with the report!

  4. Love the flames, really good effect, cheers for report :-)

    1. Thanks, is amazing what you can do with ten minutes on Photoshop.

  5. I am lmfao " You ran away!!!" YOU RAN AWAY!!!!

    1. It was a tactical retreat.

      It's only running away if the other bloke does it!


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