Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I have a cunning plan!

I have been trying to paint. . . . . . I really have!

It's not like the old days were my job was a doss and I could find a quiet corner to paint. My new job is brilliant but it is pedal to the metal the second I walk in the door (usually 7.15am) to the second I leave (about 5.30pm to pick up the kids).

By the time I get home the light is shot and I cannot paint the figures on my painting table to the standard I desire.

So what to do?

Well, I have pulled out this lot. . . . . 

It's my Demi company of Space Marines.

Do I play 40K . . . . . . NO!

Do I plan to. . . . . . . Not really!

But I do sort of like the look of Space Marines, I find Imperial Guard far more interesting within the 40K universe but I figure this lot painted up to a basic table top standard should look ok.

I have made a start already for Space Hulk and there are these fellas done already.

So it looks like I have about 44 figures to finish.

Not going to set a target of finishing them all but any I get done are chips from the lead mountain.

Fingers crossed.


  1. A cunning plan indeed! I shall look forward to seeing the progress made. By the time I get back in I just look forlornly at the painting table and then collapse in a heat in fron of the television.

    1. the good news is there are no flesh tones and it's just dry brushing and ink washes.

      Should be able to do this with the lights off ;0)

  2. Well if we all had to play with everything we painted, we would probably end up not painting at all: Lao Tzu I believe :-)

    1. whoooooo! You blew my tiny little mind!! ;0)

      I am actually imagining you saying that like Gandalf

  3. Ultramarines!
    Hope you get the time...
    Sure I have the ultramarine librarian somewhere, yours if you want him?

  4. Not Ultramarines :) well if you can got the time why not always handy to have a few marines around and you made an awesome start! I like what you did with the models you had a warhammer world.

    1. yer I only picked Ultras because I know sod all about Marines and they have the most obvious Company struture AND that was the Chapter that was used in the 'Denzarks Hammer' Space hulk scenario.

      It's only now I am aware of all the ultra marines haters out there!

  5. What is your lighting set up? I get back late but cope pretty well with an angle poise lamp with a daylight bulb in it.

    1. I have the angle poise set up with a day light bulb but I find it casts too stark a shadow.

      Also I am slightly colour blind, so things like white on pink or yellow on white are invisable to me. If you look at the ring master in my border picture, you will notice the red is highlighted grey. This is because that is how I actually see it. It is only recently I have learnt to add yellow to the red until it looks grey to me!


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