Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Polishing turds AKA painting Cygnar long gunners

It’s been a while since my last proper post and here are the culprits . . . . . .

Poxy Cygnar Long Gunners. These have been an absolute pig to paint.

If it was not for their utility and effectiveness on the battle field they would have found themselves on ebay long ago!

They are that frustrating mix of inaccessible areas, poorly sculpted detail and tucked away sections which destroy your brushes trying to access.

They are among the worst miniatures I have ever painted. Not as bad as those dreadful Willy miniatures but certainly up there with the early GW plastics. At least the GW plastics have the saving grace of being cheap as chips and blend into a mass army.

we are ugly but are better looking then Cygnar long gunners!

The Long Gunners have none of these excuses. They cost a bomb (£30 for ten), and are generally fielded in armies of under 20 figures.

The majority of the casts are horrific and most of the figures look like they have been hit in the face with a shovel!

when did John Merrick sign up?

and whats with the stupid elf, bat ears?

The only possible saving grace is the leader who has at least a bit of personality.

I did find myself caring less and less about these figures and in the end settled for giving a one coat highlight for the flesh and metal. The blue cloth got two highlights and to be honest I begrudge them that. 

The one nice cast in the set of ten!

There are another four which need finishing up but I cannot build up any kind of enthusiasm to start on them. It’s so bad I am actually CONSIDERING BUYING SOME MINIATURES as proxies!

The only reason I did perservere with them was because in the games I have fielded them they have more than proved their worth. Recently in a game against Ed (which I have not blogged) they held their own against the opposing gun mages and have nearly caused the downfall of more than one caster due to their combined range attacks while sniped up.

The time they nearly got Lylyth. If only I remembered they had two shots!

Numbers time.
Miniatures painted / sold this year = 114
Miniatures bought this year = 18

533 miniatures to go

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