Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Age of Sigmar. Stormcast Eternal finished. . . . Well painted at least

"Raaaaaahhhh. Look at my dramatic light effect and tremble!"

With the picking up of my copies of White Dwarf Saturday I wanted to get paint on the Stormcast Eternal as soon as possible.

Say what you like about the game, the sculpts are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Just GORGEOUS!!!!!

They are that beautiful mix of nicely sculpted detail and big surface areas to get to grips with your blending or adding extra freehand 

If their intention was to create miniatures to encourage kids to start painting and get excellent immediate results with minimal skill then the Stormcast Eternals tick the box big time.

The mould lines are designed to be along the edges of the natural joins of the figures armour . . . Brilliant!

There is two join lines in the middle of the shoulder pads but one was pretty much filled by the glue I used and the other was easily filled with green stuff without the need to sculpt details into the stuff because of stupid gaps in the joins.

Despite there being a really interesting picture of 'The celestial Vindicators' with turquoise-hued armour I decided to stick with the text book bronze / copper / gold armour.

I tried to be clever with the shoulder pads and use blue ink washes over mithril silver but I think I used one too many washes and lost the pearlescent effect I was going for.

With the plain shoulder pad I tried to paint on a twin tailed comet to signify Sigmar. The idea is to make it look like a combination of Comet and laurel wreath. A kind of noble and triumphant mix.

The blue is a great spot colour but the red armour effect and tan leather is a bit lost within the figure and I would probably use a black leather effect next time.

Truth be told if my lead mountain was not so enormous I would happily buy the starter set just for the miniatures.

The chaos figures are just as nice.

Can you see the join line? honestly its there and I just used super glue!

The rest are just porn shots.

I am thinking of entering this in a speed painting challange thats going around but that depends on me getting him based properly tonight.

It will be interesting to see how my son wants his one painted! I just wished I had noticed that this issue of White Dwarf was selling on ebay for £20 this week before I promised it to him!

I tried to blend in some red into the comet.

The finished version which is based is HERE.

There is no change in the painting numbers as its just bought one painted one!


  1. Can't say I'm much of a fan of the new look but that's a lovely paint job.

  2. It's a bit 'immortals' for my taste but its a painters sculpt. These are easily as nice as reaper or Hasslefree miniatures to paint and have a ton of potential.

    Thanks for the compliment but the miniature pretty much painted itself!


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