Saturday, 4 July 2015

And . . . breath

With the sound of thunder from last nights storms still ringing in my ears (portents of doom the gamers wail!), I waited outside a GW store this morning with a couple of other fellas for the shutters to roll up so I could buy my copy (or maybe two) of this weeks white dwarf. . . . or should that be White Steamhead Duardin!

And all I can say is, Keep calm and carry on.

I have to say my experience at the Games Workshop in Enfield was very positive, so much so I might be popping back tomorrow to give my Empire army (minus my proxies) a run out with the new rules.

My brother has moved to a house (literally a 3 minute drive) near the store and I popped in recently to buy some paints. I knew I would be alright when I spotted a Bloodbowl team in the miniature cabinet!

The fella running the place was sound and although he was running the "THIS IS ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!" party line this morning, he is obviously a gamer and seemed genuinely interested as my 5 year old told him about his games of Lego Mordheim.

My Empire Army continues to be valid but is sort of considered the ancient version of the future Imperial Guard. Personally I am ok with this. This brings me on to another point. I to had to go through the whole 'oh no my army I spent bloody ages painting in now redundant. HOW BLOODY DARE THEY!!!! AAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

But the truth is, half the games I play are no longer supported by GW and they no longer produce miniatures for them (anyone for a game of Mordheim or Bloodbowl?), AND they continue to be brilliant games to play! If anything once a game is let go by GW it seems to get a second wind and gets another growth spurt. Also smaller companies and fans are free to produce their own miniatures and rule updates without having to worry about threatening letters about IP infringments dropping through the letter box!!!!

How can we not all be winners?

"But the Dwarves are now called Steamhead Duardin and Orks are called Orruks! Thats just stupid!".

Mate I play Warmahordes where Dwarves are called Rhul and have no beards and Elves are called Ios or the Retribution of Scyrah. Who really gives a shit?

With that I will now climb off my soap box and go and glue together my Stormcast Eternal for painting.

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