Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014.... a review.

As is customery at this time of year I have decided to sit down and try to review my first year back in tabletop wargaming...... and what a first year!

First the good news;

Within 12 months my painting has gone from this.......

to something like this.......

Thats all free hand!

White in white eyes, probably the hardest thing I have ever done!

More good news was I found I had a really cool local friendly gaming store less then 10 minutes from my house called The Miniature Empire,

which run a gaming night every Friday full of people I mostly wanted to hang out with.

The other good news was I found out I am not the only 40 year old man child returning to the fold as the club was full of blokes in a simular situation to me. This was great as I always felt like a bit of a peodifile walking into a Games Workshop (so thats where all the young gamers are!).

Even at the Mini Empire it was a was a bit galling losing to fellas who were not even BORN when I BOUGHT most of the miniatures I was playing with!!!!!!!

Bad news was we ended up losing my favourte local gaming store eight months later when it closed down!

This resulted in the Miniature Empire Gaming club renaming itself "The Armoury" and relocating to my toy shop in North Chingford!

My initial goal a year ago was to paint up two Bloodbowl teams for my brother and I to play our annual Christmas game. I figured this blog would be a cool way to to keep track of progress and never figured anyone other then myself would bother reading it.

Any way ended up getting 3 teams finished....

"The Orc Team"

"Her Majesties Gentlemen of the Realm"

"The Bifrost Berserkers"
and when we did sit down to play our annual game I have to be honest it did feel a bit special!

"Its game time!"
I even had a bit of time to spare to paint up some "Green streak ooligans".

"No one likes us, we don't care!"

and then in Febuary it all started to get a little bit silly!!!!

First Lee at the Mini Empire suggests we start a "Tale of 4 Gamers" type thing where we all pick a WHF faction from scratch and try to get different point values painted up by various dates.......

To date I am the ONLY one to have finished their 1500 points.

but the battles did look epic!!!!!!

One of my favourate things this year was the "6 Dominions Bloodbowl Tournament..... Shameless 6 Nations Rugby rip-off"

Shamelessly ripped off from....

It was an absolute giggle from start to finish and all the coaches really got into the whole not taking it too seriously vibe and some of the back stories and ribbing on the forum had me giggling for days. Got to be honest I had a bit of a tear in my eye writing up the last game report for the final.

One good thing about getting Lano into Bloodbowl was the photo porn!!!!!!

April also saw both my Blood bowl teams get a run out for "EL Smashico" Bank holiday weekend game between my brother and I....

Man it was worth the wait!

May saw a fella walk into my toy shop, he spots my Bloodbowl box and one thing leads to another and the figures are being lined up for a match. Turns out his name is Alister and he's a top bloke.

This leads me into my next hit of miniature crack......... the dreaded WARMACHINE!!!!!!!

The only misery I have experienced worse then playing warmachine is being an England fan!

I start off with AShlynn and the High Covenent

Before I know it this escalates into 20 points of rebellion.

which then grows to 30 points......

Which quickly grows to 50!!!!!


  1. What an eventful first year back in the hobby, very jealous of all your gaming experiences, that's what my 2014 has been lacking. Love the bloodbowl stuff the most. Looking forward to reading your excellent blog in 2015 too.

  2. Thank you very much. It's nice to know someone else other then me actually reads this waffle.

    Been an avid follower of your blog since Orctober and looking forward to seeing more of your excellent painting in the new year.

    Happy new year!

  3. Looking good!

    I was going to something similar for my blog but i realised that a lot of my photos are scattered between loads of computers!

    I might have to steal yours that feature my stuff in it lol!

  4. go for it mate. there are loads more of your photo porn coming in part 2


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