Sunday, 28 December 2014

Peace on Earth and good will to all men.... unless your a bloody Anglo Dane!!!

With the lull between Black Friday and Manic Monday and "Oh fuck it's Tuesday (!)" Al and I managed to sneak in a game of SAGA.

I decided Al's present (as well as some Anglo Dane Saga Die), should be a sound whooping at the hands of my maurading Vikings!

I have decided to do two things since my last game of Saga;

one is name my Warlord Olaf the lucky. This way people are more inclined to see my victories as "lucky" rather then think about how I actually win, 

the other is,

Think about playing Saga as I would playing a Warcaster assassination during Warmachine, i.e. what is the best tool to get the job done with the most buffs!

 First the table is set, And what a table!

Very pretty and soon to be covered in corpses!
One again Al reaches for his Anglo Danes. As a generally conservative player this faction really suits Al's playing style.

As its late we go for 4 point armies.

No messing about I stick Olaf in the middle and charge for the high ground!

One thing we have worked out from last time is you can only use each ability ONCE per round. This means Al cannot play "intimidation" 5 times in a row! Funnily enough this really speeds the game up!

 The plan is to tuck the Berserkers in the back and wait for the chance to pounce on the Dane Warlord. My Bondi on my right do a great job of protecting the Berserkers and seeing off Al's left flank.

"keep on charging!"

 Al forms a Shield wall on the hill (I guess he has been reading his history books) and beats back my Warlord. Thankfully I have lots of body guard to pawn the hits off to.

"hit a road block!"

I take a real kicking in the middle due to over boosting my attack up the left flank and full back to reform for another attack in the centre.

"Keep on Charging!"

 Up to this point Al has kept his Warlord well away from my Berserkers and has used "Intimidation" to keep my unit of Hirdguard well away from him and the thick of the fighting.

"Fall back before charging again!"

 I decide to continue with my plan of collapsing Al's left flank and then roll up the centre with the flanking force and the Warlord in the centre at the same time.

"More Charging!"

 And then to my surprise Al bring his Warlord into the centre to reinforce his diminished shield wall (and possibly make an assassination run on Olaf next turn).

Regardless Loki has played him right into my hands!

I bound forward with my Berserkers using a double move which REALLY takes Al by surprise with the distance they cover and max out their attack dice with the use of Frigg, Heimdal and Valhalla! 

The Berserkers normally generate 16 attack dice but augmented with the above abilities I manage to top these boys up to 32 attack dice!!!!!!

Who cares if they are massacred in the combat! Only the poorest of attack rolls followed by the luckiest of defensive rolls is going to see any one survive the furiosity of this assault!

"Finally we can stop charging!"
 With 32 attack die the odds say there is only really going to be one result and the Anglo Dane Warlord is reduced to a bloody pulp before the eyes of his men!

1) Really pleased with the way my battle plan come together! It happended a little sooner then I expected with Al running his Warlord into the thick of the fighting but I felt once I had collapsed his left flank I had the momentum fully on my side!

2) Berserkers really need to be held back until the opportune moment when you can really boost them to their full potential or catch a Warlord napping with only a few body guard around him to soak up the hits.

3) Despite my heavy losses in the centre and Al managing to completely nerf my unit of Hirdguard I think he lost sight of the objective which was to kill the Warlord. One clink in the armour was all I needed to complete the objective of the game!

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