Tuesday, 30 December 2014

1st Corps casting. American Civil War Dismounted Cavalry in Slouch hats

Yesterday I was given the greatest Christmas present of all by the misses. "I'm taking the kids out all day so the house is yours! I'll be back at 4pm!"

It was really hard not to dance a little jig as they walked out the door.

First thing I did was run up stairs and grab these blokes for undercoating.....

Knocked out in under 2 Hours. I LOVE having the house to myself!
They are from a company called 1st Corps casting I bought this lot from their Ebay Shop

If you are adverse to Ebay their website is here

They are a small British company so straight away they get my thumbs up.

1st Corps casting dismounted cavalry or 40k Rouge Trader settlers your choice

They are fair quality casting which seems to be the norm from the smaller companies if you miss their first run of miniatures as the casts degrade. But that said most of the detail is fairly sharp and easy to pick out and painting on the eyes was no great hardship.

Like all Historical casting I find them quite charming in their naivety (is that the correct word?). They were cheap as chips and come in one piece so I did not have to spend an infuriating 2hrs sticking them all together (Are you watching Priverteer Press?) so all in all I am more then happy with the miniatures.

Now why am I buying American Civil war miniatures I hear you ask (probably not!)! 

Well  I recently aquired a copy of Rouge Trader and the idea of skirmish style games which is a bit more then just "Get the boss" is quite appealing, especially as I do not need to break the bank to play any scenarios I set up so.

welcome to NEWVADA.....

a prosperous farming planet in the Gamma Secundus sector.
The Homesteads of this temperate world of rolling plains has proved a fertile world for the Imperium in terms of both wheat and cattle production, as well as recruitment from the well fed, patriotic, hardworking, sons of the soil for both the Imperial guard and Star Riders (?), Space Marines Chapter.

And what does Newvada need?........ Settlers.

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