Monday, 29 December 2014

A painted Bloodbowl game 26 years in the making!

So 26 years after buying Blood bowl my Brother and I finally got round to playing a game with two fully painted teams!

Unfortunately it looks like the camera lens got condensation or turkey fat, or double cream etc on it as most of the photos are out of focus or whited out or just plain crap

I think my brother took the term "28mm photo porn" too literally and smeared the lens in vaseline for a classic 70's soft porn effect.

Thankfully there were two decent photos to record the event!

The Mauraders line up for the kick off

An action shot just before "the Gentlemen of the Realm" send one over the top to equalise.

The game ended one all and it seems my brothers fiance is a much better player then he is!

Hopefully we will get another game in before going back to work as he is starting to construct his own stadium and it is a sterling effort for his first attempt!

My brother's dice tower as a WIP. A cracking effort.

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