Thursday, 23 October 2014

Smash mouth Warmachine

Once again Al and I meet up for a game.

Then the words I dread to hear "I'm a little Space Hulked out, We haven't played Warmachine for ages, What do you think?"

What do I think?

If I hate Warmachine, it's time to pass on the hate to someone else!

We decide on 30 points and I reach for Ashlynn, as I need a break from Magnus and it would not be fair to field him against Al as Magnus is his weapon of choice.

I know Al likes to go Jack heavy so I decide to go all in on Jacks and make this a balls out, heavy Metal mash up!

To keep things interesting Al fields Skorne as well and I'm all up for that as their great looking figures.

For me its all out aggression this game as I know my forces in side out and need to blow off some steam after the experiences last week!

"Right Boys, just CHARGE!"
First turn no messing about, I cast quicken on the Mages, and then give the Jacks the remaining Focus to run.

I notice Al has decided to keep his Renegades well back. I decide if he does move them forward and knocks down my forces I'll just spend the focus to stand them up and keep on going.

The Mages run through the forest with quicken as I want them clear of the forest so they can stand and shoot for the rest of the game, while making use of the cover.

Ahh, post apocalyptic, vampire, samurai!

 To my surprise Al moves forward aggressivly and then pops his feat to get his Skorne right up in my grill!

It's a bold move but it neuters my Mages (which nearly got Magnus last time out), and if they hack my boys to pieces they are in a great position to flank me nxt turn.

Thankfully I have a plan. Standing still for the aiming bonus my Mages are on RAT 9, this should be more then sufficent to shoot into combat and clear some bodies.

The Skorne start to fall, and Eiryss is freed from combat.

It all goes nuts in the centre

With the left fairly secure I decide to keep the momentum up in the middle.

Gorman darts forward and black oil's Al's Nomad, then my free Booter moves in. It's an easy in due to Black oil (Nomad is now defense 5!), and I make full use of "smash and grab" to launch the nomad into the mule, knocking them both down.

Ashlynn and the second Mule take care of the Steelheads which have run forward to tie up the centre.

The Mages have to endure the Skorne counter attack and are nearly massacred but Eiryss has slipped free of the net.

She plugs one of the Renegades with Disruption as I want to avoid "anarcik bolt" wrecking havok on my Jacks and losing the momentum in the centre.

I also kind of hope that Al will blast Eiryss with one of the Renegades obliterator!

Once again the Nomad is black Oiled and then sent for a flying lesson.

Now its Ashlynns turn!

She charges the Mule and pops her feat. I figure she should be safe from the scatter gun while in combat and has "quick draw" just in case.

I cast distraction on the second Renegade just in case it opens up with its rocket and then camp on three focus.

Smokey then charges in and wrecks Al's mule, so I get a cover bonus as well.

 Al trys to recover himself and I think he wishes he still had his feat about now to extridite himself from this perdicament.

Al opens up with a renegade on Smokey but with no focus to boost and me picking out the two highest die, there no chance of it hitting. Thankfully the template scatters too far away to pose a threat!

Al moves the second Renegade up to shield Magnus but I have a cunning plan!

Eiryss stands still for the aiming bonus and plugs Magnus with disruption, stripping him of all focus, then Ashlynn takes a pop and does damage, I don;t want to charge her in as I need the focus.

Once again Gorman black oils the Nomad and then the Free booter crashes in and throws the Nomad at Magnus. With the boosted attack roll, Magnus is crushed beneath his own Jack!

As a croup de grace Smokey strolls up the smashes in Magnus' Skull with its Mace and finally I have a win this week and even sweeter its against Al.

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