Saturday, 11 October 2014

Blue on Blue. The Armoury Journey man league begins

10th of October the official start of the Armoury Journey man league witnessed a full house at 51 Station Rd and a cracking set of fast paced games to boot.

It's Blue on Blue mental action to the last roll of the die!

As soon as I saw Anthony was in attendance I know who I wanted my first opponent to be!

I love playing against Anthony, he is a top bloke, the battles are always nail biting affairs and he always fields the most amazing looking armies, like this Wood Elves army from the tale of 4 gamers.

Look at my big gaming table!!!!!!!

Due to being skint I have decided to play the league with Magnus the Trator. I have a ton of Mercenary Jacks and Steelheads already and can hit Magnus' tier 4 list after only needing to buy Magnus and Kell.. Result!

My Battle box list is;
Magnus (+6)
Mangler (8pts)
Renegade (6 pts 5 with tier list)
Talon (4pts)
Total 11 pts

I plonk my self in the middle of the battle field in a flying brick formation while Anthony's Trolls hide behind the forest.

I guess we are playing hide and seek not Warmachine!
 I am in a strange position being the painting fascist of the club by being the ONLY one without a FULLY PAINTED force on the table!

Once again Anthony fields a gorgeous set of fully painted figures which are always a pleasure to behold.

Shame I am going to have to stomp them off the table!

Could Trolls soon become an endangered species?

Just gorgeous!

I move forward cautiously and use my focus to cast Blur, snipe and Tempered metal. With resourcefulness they are now free unkeeps for the entire game.

Anthonty camps himself in the forest and starts to rain spears down on my Jacks. Bloody powerful spears as well! Thankfully my Talon is boosted to armour 20 thanks to its shield and Tempered metal or I would be in big trouble.

I move my renegade into the cover of the ruined statue but all my Jacks are suffering damage already.

I am temped to blast them with the obliterator but its a one shot deal and I want to save it to castrate Anthonty's charge. If they are anything like the other Trolls I have played against I need to stop the charge if I want to win.

"Dont you throw those bloody spears at me"

 I continue to inch forward but I am wary of moving into the charge range of the Trolls. I continue to take damage and its a war of attrition I can't win!

"seriously you'll have someones eye out with that!"

Thankfully Magnus has just the tool for the job. I move the Jacks forward aggressively and finally unleash the obliterator. The trolls stay standing thanks to "Sure foot" but this is about to come back and bite them in the arse.

I then open up with obliterator spells through the Renegades arc node to in flict more damage. Unlike my mistake against the Ogryns I concentrate my fire on a single Troll but it refuses to fall.

"Wait for it..... wait for it!"

As Anthonty is about to pick up his die for his assault against my figures I announce I am popping my feat and my whole force bound forward and tie up Anthonty's entire force in melee.

"Job done!"
 I still take a kicking (once again Jack the Jibber is wrecked), but nothing like I would have done against the charge. Anthony decides not to charge out of combat and make a run on my caster. This is a blessing as I am not camping on any focus. Would it have been worth the risk? I just don't know.

Finally a use for my themed dice!

My mangler gets 3 focus and goes mental! With Iron Aggression on it all rolls to hit are boosted. Anthonty's caster takes a kicking but refuses to go quietly!

I cannot charge the Caster with Magnus and all my other attacks have been made, do I go for the kill or finish off one of the Trolls?

"I don't have line of sight.... If only I had something to overcome this..... OH hang on......"

Me being me I decide to go for the Caster kill! I move Magnus and Open up on the nearest Troll with the scatter gun, thankfully this catches the Troll caster in the spray and a boosted hit and damage roll and its all over for the Trolls!

How bloody close was that!

"Eat scatter gun you freak!"

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