Thursday, 2 October 2014

Orctober. The Green streak 'ooligans

So its ORCTOBER a celebration of all thats green and good!

It starts innocently enough. If I have a bloodbowl team, I need some bloodbowl fans, Right!

It also gives me the chance to buy any miniatures I find interesting which I would not have an excuse to buy otherwise.


So the first thing I do is use this as an excuse to keep hold of my Goblin ooligans I bought when I was 15 (which have always been amoung my favourate miniatures)

I also rescue some old loft find Fantasy Orcs which I also bought when I was 15.

I could not wait to get some paint on these.

Every team needs some fans right?

I find an Orc Shaman and some Goblin forge miniatures on ebay and suddenly I have 8 fans.

And they tell their friends
 Now I figure they would make loads of noise and suddenly half a dozen musical (?) Orcs turn up in the post.

And then you get the "glory hunters"
The lovely thing is I also find some of my minis I painted when I was in my early teens. Rather then repaint them they go striaght onto the bleachers.

Nostalgia it's not what it used to be!

And then it just gets silly!!!

Every fan needs a big foam finger the idea from watching the NFL game at Wembley and 15 min with some green stuff and I am more then happy with the result!

everyone needs a big foam finger!

The Reaper Ringmaster is a figure I have had my eye on for ages and this was the perfect excuse to buy him.

Bring the noise!
and then I spotted the wookie on ebay and I have never seen a more appropriate figure. Click that buy button.

of course Wookies and the Reaper would be Bloodbowl fans!

I buy some Reaper barrels and bottles and suddenly everyone is having fun and look the part.

Group shot

The frightening thing is there are LOADS of minis I have my eye on for this and I think this is just the tip of the ice berg.

The cool thing is I WANT to paint every one of these figures and so far everyone has been a pleasure.

These guys have been a WIP since January and figured Orctober was a good time to reveal the results so far.


  1. Wow - these are ace - nice idea. You've got me thinking, actually, but I bet you could use the night goblin netters (the ones with the nets over their heads especially). Fill the nets in so it looks like they're waving a team flag and you'll have some more fans!


    1. nice idea, I have a load of WAGS to get through next, but that is definately some thing I will consider for the future.

      Thanks for the idea


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