Saturday, 24 May 2014

Warmachine. The MEGC's best kept secret

So Friday during a MANIC 1000 point game of Warhammer against Russel's Skaven (only some of which was Russel getting into character), I asked if anyone played Warmachine?

You would have thought I had asked to poop on the Game table as no one would meet my gaze.

It turns out Warmahordes is the game everyone loves to hate as it seems to have the ability to break both your bank balance and your soul in one foul swoop!

Turns out Russel plays Cryx (no bloody surprise there!),
Damon plays Rulic (Iron Kingdoms Dwarves, no surprise there!), and Cygnar,
Lano plays Everblight (Iron Kingdom tyrannids, no surprise there),
and Mark plays Trolls and Menoth (which has lots of topless women in considering it is a religious army!).

I really like the Ashlynn Warcaster as she is quite fragile but excells in melee combat, which can only result in exciting games, especially as I like to get stuck in and "let the die roll".

I will have to find a proxy as Ashynn just looks like a bobble headed freak.

Reaper here we come.............................

P.S. Managed to beat Russel in the final turn. He ended up with an engineer lasting the battle verses my 2 Gryphs and Marcus the wizard!

I should not have to endure this on the last day of a half term !!!!!

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