Friday, 16 May 2014

Blood Bowl. Blessed be the 2nd Edition

So got a text from Alister wondering if a game of Blood bowl could be on the cards. After my 3rd edition experience on Monday I jumped at the chance.

Once again it would be the epic contest of "The Orc Team" Vs "The Gentlemen of the realm"


I receive the Kick off deep in my own Half of the field. I push my team off to the left of the field as we are playing with a Ref today and I want to stay as far away from him as possible!

Alister soon finds out why I've done this as the Ref goes trundling up to one of his Blitzers and swiftly shows him the red card. I'm a player up and I have not thrown a block yet.

With the gap open in the middle of the field I change tactics and decide to open a channel up the middle for my Catchers and Blitzers.

Now this is how a game of Bloodbowl should look!! As bodies go flying and drop like flies. Proper Bloodbowl.

With so much of the field blocked with prone bodies Al's Blitzer and catcher are forced round the melee to try to bring down my Chucker.

I exploit the gaps and run through with my Blitzer, taking a blocker with me. All I need to do now is lob a ball over the top and its TD City!!!

That is until I fumble the pass, and then manage to really cock thing up and fumble it from the Chuckers square. With only my Kicker in the way of four Gentlemen this could get real messy real quick. 

Al pounces and knocks both orcs for six and then his catcher collects the ball.

Bloodied but unbowed my Blockers get stompy and clear most of the field.....

........ But its too little too late as Al's catcher bounds over the line for the first touch down of the game.

2nd HALF

I kick off. I decide to send the ball deep and kick the snot out of the oomies, pick the balls out of the hands of the last crippled human and then bimble over the line as quick as possible.

The best laid plans of mice and Orcs and all that.

Al has already seen the Ref in action and is real quick to learn that you have to leave certain channels open for the ref or you could be in trouble! The force is strong in this one!

Al uses his kicker to retrieve the ball so I decide to form a line of hurt to krunch any runners while keeping a second line further back to catch any ball thats comes lobbing over the top.

After a coulpe of turns of smash mouth football I am starting to get the upper hand, and Al is wary of kicking the ball over the top due to my second line.

Then it all goes tits up really quickly!!

First a double 1 see two of my boyz heading for the injury box..................

In desperation I put some boyz around the Ref to block his LOS so I can stomp away on Al's floored players.

The fouls work wonders and Al's injury box fills up nicely, but just my luck the ref Wanders over and Red cards two of my players.

And then to add insult to injury I hamstring several players as they are forced to sprint to cover the gaps which are opening up left, right, and centre. One of which decides to drop dead.............. should have insisted on more cardio during pre-season training!

This carnage leaves a total of 10 players on the field (my 4 to Al's 6).

Balor my blocker chases down the ball as Al finally sends it over the top.

But an excellent multiple block from Al, coupled with the loose ball bouncing directly into his Chuckers hands wraps up the game with a two - nil victory to Al.

So Al is a definate convert to Bloodbowl.

As I have always said, there are only two types of people, those who love Bloodbowl and those who have not played it yet!!!!

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