Saturday, 3 May 2014

Tale of 4 gamers. Lucias Von Dogstein

As well as playing an unplanned game of Blood Bowl, I started on my Empire out riders for the next 250 points of the tale of 4 gamers

Lucias Von Dogstein

Known simply as “Dog” among his pistolier charges he is a 35 year veteran of numerous campaigns and the outrider mentor of Custoras and his father before him.

Despite his prominent role in the battle of Big Little Horn (where he lost an eye) his young charge Custoras was hailed as the victor by the ruling aristocracy as they would not allow a low born outrider to be seen to succeed where numerous nobles had failed before him and grasped onto the idea of the young Pistolier Custoras rallying the troops as he was at least the bastard son of a noble.

With the death of so many noble sons while in his charge at the battle of Big Little Horn, Lucias soon fell out of favour as a mentor and his income dwindled as a consequence.

Custoras and his father always understood Lucias’ worth (especially in his current financial straits) and Custoras’ first act as new commander was to commission Lucias with a charter to “form a body of “Salty Dogs” for the role of harrying, scouting and various covert endeavours for the 1st company Lustrian expeditionary forces".

Having been jaded from his recent experiences Lucias is much more worldly wise and is more than willing to set aside martial values and do what needs to be done to ensure the success of this expedition and therefore his fortune and has truly nailed his colours to Custoras’ mast.

So here he is Lucias Von Dogstein. I have decided to paint him and his outriders in more muted colours then the Knights etc  to show their covert nature and making them less visable during their flanking attacks etc.

I went with Black horses and dark natural colours, which is in keeping with the scouting nature of their role rather then have them standing out like a pimple on a pigs arse. They have even covered their armour with soot from the camp cooking pots to help them move about unseen. These fellas are in it for the money not the glory.

My hope is I can leave them in the shadows of a wood, building etc and have them jump out on the opposing player (especially in the low lights of the Mini Empire) as a nice surprise.

I was struggling with the look of this miniature until I spotted this head with an eye patch in the left overs from my Empire general and then it all clicked into place.

As Custoras' enforcer I wanted him to have a intimidating look so gave him a glaring look to the eyes. The wound to the back of the head is due to me taking a lump out of the head taking it off the spur so just painted it as a wound.

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