Sunday, 25 May 2014

Warhammer Fantasy. How many mini's can you fit in 4" diameter

So its secret sunday gaming club. After my beating Russel on Friday I decided I needed to take on my nemesis............ Lano the smiling assassin of the lizard men!

Oh well this run of luck had to end sooner or later!

We decided on 750 points of bedlam.

Initial Deployment

I won the deployment and had Lano set up first. Thankfully he set his main unit of Lizards between the two forests (open to charges and spell attacks) so I set up my Gryphs directly opposite. All other units were set up in close support.

I am loving the tale of 4 gamers as everyones armies are just looking amazing!!

Lano marches his Skinks forward and slowly brings up his Lizards keeping just far enough away to temp me into a charge.

I am playing lore of shadows. I hit the first unit of Skinks with a hex to lower their balistic skill. Lano uses some die to try to dispell but fails.

Then I hit him with the "Pit of shades" meaning Lano has to pass an initiative test on a score of 1!

Suddenly 7 lizards disappear under a direct hit and Lano's smile slips for just a second. 


It also means he does not attempt to dispell my hex spell for the rest of the game.

Lano closes in on the Gryphs and I think he plans to use the skinks to shield the Lizards from more spell attacks or draw out the Gryphs from their support.

Lano opens fire on the Gryphs and wizard with the skinks. The gryphs shrug off the attacks and the wizard is saved by the "look out sir" from the near by Knights. Then in a sign of things to come both Knights fail their 1 up saving throw!

The Knights wheel round with the wizard in tow to blast away at the skinks sneaking round my left flank. I charge the Gryphs into the skinks and am a bit surprised when they stand and fight.

I am even more surprised when they inflict two hits which I fail to save on a one up roll!

The Gryphs rip the Skinks to pieces but I fail to rein them in on a 9 and then end up 2" from Lano's Lizards and Rippers.

Both Lano's units crash in, with the Rippers hitting the Gryphs right flank.

With the charge and the augment cast on the lizards, once again the Lizards rip my gryphs limb from limb and my Gryph champion bolts for the back table edge................

with the lizards and rippers in hot pursuit..................

........................ and runs right across my knights, blocking their charge line to the skinks, with both pursuing Lizard units heading towards the Knights flank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have one last chance to pull this out of the bag. With the Gryph stopping the Skinks charging into my flank I wheel the Knights and Wizard to face the approaching Lizards.

Marcus summons 5 die. Just enough to pull off "Pit of shades" on the approaching Lizards. With a bit of luck I can decimate the Lizards and get the unit Old one as well...............

................... Not a chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lizards come crashing into the Knights and the Rippers try to render Marcus limb from limb.

How many Miniatures can you fit in a 4" diameter?

Turns out lots!

At least the photos look amazing as Lano's Old One rips the Knights to pieces. Marcus wins some pride back by killing a Ripper before meeting his doom.

Only Custoras and the Gryph champion survive the battle as they scarper for the back table edge.

Lano and I shake hands and once again I am defeated at the hands of Lano's Lizards. Oh well my run of luck had to end sooner or later.


1) You do not have to place a spell template over a MODEL. It can be placed anywhere within a unit!

This means when I hit the Lizards with the "Pit of shades" in turn one I could of hit 12 lizards (including the Old one!) instead of 9. Lano said if that had happened he would have probably declared the game there and then.

2) I can split my Lord of Battle from the unit he is in!

This means I could have wheeled him into the Skinks while charging the Knights into the Lizards at the same time. At least the Knights would have got their charge off. I would have hexed the lizard men (which Lano probably would not have attampted to dispell) to have given the Knights more of a fighting chance and Marcus would have attempted "the pit of shades" on the Rippers. Not sure it would have changed the outcome of the battle but it is something I will bear in mind for the future.

3) Just because the die rolls are not going your way see the game plan through!

I am glad I stuck with my game plan throughout the battle despite being unable to make a single saving roll! It made things a lot closer and in truth a much more rewarding game then whining about my lack of luck from turn two. If I had got that spell off in the last turn who knows how it would have turned out.


  1. When the dice gods have it in for you they really know how to stick the boot in!

  2. and they also know where to stick the boot for maximum effect.

    I'm only playing cards games from now on!


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