Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Ylthari's Guardians

My painting of the Underworlds warbands continues.

Next up are Ylthari's Guardians

These appear to be one of the hardest hitting warbands on the Underworlds competitive scene.

Despite this I am unlikely to really use them so speed was the major motivation.

First up the leader of the band, Ylthari.

Next up Ahnslaine, Revenant Archer.

Got to be honest this is my favourite of the band.

Gallanghann of the glade.

And finally the beat stick of the band. Skhathael.

These really were quick and easy paint jobs with most of the work done with colour primers while they were still on the sprue.

Not my best work but they are one and done.

Next up the 'Godsworn Hunt'.

Once again most of the donkey work was achieved with coloured primers.

Already got the first one finished.


  1. Love the contrast between the green hair and dull wood. Great scheme mate.

    1. Thanks man .It was more luck then judgement.

  2. My resolve is being well and truly tested, this are stunning!

    1. Not until you finish Schloss Itter you don't!!

      And thanks for he compliment ;0)


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