Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Saturday night fights: Path to Glory. Who's the daddy?

In the second game of the evening the three Aspiring Champions declare a truce in order to return to the Northlands through Imperial territory.

Their warbands wait at a short distance ready to intervene if there is treachery!

In the middle of the discussions an Orc maiden appears, with a strangely familiar looking baby in tow . . . . and a cuckolded (and very miffed)  Orc Warboss!

Photo courtesy of Shaggy Wargiming
And of course he has brought his body guard with him!

More after the break . . . .

So the scenario is a simple one. Every Orc activation the Orc Maiden will decide on the roll of a D3 who the father of her baby is (in the best tradition of Jeremy Kyle). Any Orc not in combat will then move or declare charges against that warband.

If only one warband is standing at the end they are the daddy and earn 2 D3 infamy.

If there is more then one warband standing after 8 turns the father is decided on a dice roll and the daddy earns D3 infamy.

Right on with the show.

The warbands stare suspiciously at each other . . . .

All the warlords bolt back towards their warbands.

The Orc Maiden decides that Shaggy is the Daddy and the Boyz charge in!

The rest of the lads follow on behind.

True to form the Khornites and forces of Slannesh immediately charge each other!!

Shaggy uses the speed of his hounds to distract the Orcs away from the rest of his warband.

It's at this point that 'Orcy chop chop' flees from the field.

This is the first game Orcy chop chop has EVER been in since I bought him as a kid in the 80's  and he legs it at the first sign of action!!

Maybe he has agoraphobia from being stuck in a Cadburys chocolate fingers tin for 30 years!!

Photo courtesy of Shaggy Wargaming
 Back on my side of the board the carnage continues!

'Skull' leads the charge but even with his 'burning body' mutation four trolls are going to be a tough nut to crack!!

I try to stem the tide of Trolls with Skull while the rest of my forces try to flank round to the more squishy elements of Lee's warband behind the blue meatshields!

The Orcs continue to surge towards Shaggy's warband.


"When did Trolls become a core choice?"
The Orcs continue to try to carve a path towards the Nurgle leader!

Shaggy throws out a speed bump to distract the other Orcs :o0

My warband continue to be decimated by the forces of Slannesh!

The Orc maiden remains convinced that Shaggy is the Daddy.

Like a vulture Shaggy pitches into the last remnants of my warband!!

I was so proud of him ;0)

I strive to get into the softer elements of the Slannesh.

Skull continues to fight for his life!

Back over with the Orcs the Maiden changes her mind and decides Lee is the daddy (we all think it is)

'Frenzy' continues to fight for his life!

The game rules state that if the Maiden is taken out of action whoever she decided was the father would continue to be the target of the remaining Orcs.

Shaggy shows his tactical nounce and immediately target the Maiden!

With only Skull left I am determined that Lee does not get the infamy for completely destroying my warband.

Thankfully my activation card comes up first and I bolt before my leader can be slain!

With Lee's blood lust aroused he spurs his mount on into the Orcs!!

Having cleared the field the two surviving Champions eye each other warily as the Maiden regains conscience

The DNA results are in . . . . . . . . .

and . . . . . . . . . .


Got to be honest no one was more surprised then Lee!!


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