Thursday, 11 July 2019

Diminishing the grey shame. Another mixed bag of painting.

Nothing shameful about this piece of grey!

Another mixed bag of random miniatures after the break . . . . .

First up some Blood Letters.

These were kindly donated to me by Phil.

Really pleased with how these turned out considering they were delivered by Phil late Friday night and were on the table painted Saturday!

I also got another Shadespire Goblin finished off.

I also got the last of the Skaven I bought this year finished off.

For no other reason than to say I have painted / sold on all the miniatures I have bought this year!!

Last mini is one of several Space Wolf Terminators I am painting for my brother.

For once he has gone for a simple paint scheme rather then picking a bunch of colours I can't actually see!

Got to be honest I do prefer this darker grey scheme over the more 'baby blue' grey that is the standard Space Wolf colour.

Don't like the stone colour I have used for the edge highlight and will probably go with a more standard grey for the rest of these.

Lastly I spent an hour slapping paint on this terrain piece.

Absolutely no idea how or where I picked this up but it looks like a home made effort from a mould.

Black undercoat, couple of zenith sprays and a final dry brush to finish off.

Looks great considering the speed of the technique. The white residue is the matt varnish. It dried completely transparent thankfully!

And on the table you can see my shopping list ;0)

So that's 115 miniatures sold or painted this year. I have bought 11 miniatures this year all of which have been painted or sold on.

What I'm most pleased about is how little I am buying this year despite all the great stuff being released by companies at the moment (not just GW). Hopefully I can carry this momentum into the second halve of the year!

Tomorrow is the last day of term so blogging will be a little sporadic until my return to work in September but I will try to blog as and when I can with limited computer access.


  1. Nicely done! I love the Bloodletters, very demonic.

    1. Thanks man. considering the speed they were painted they look the part!

  2. Wow, you've been busy!! Really nice work on all of them :)

    1. Thanks man. Summer months are coming so hopefully I will really crack on!!

  3. terminator looks ace. good job:)

    1. thanks man. I must admit I prefer the darker paint scheme.

  4. Great stuff, all look very nice. Have a great summer fella.... relax :-)

    1. Hopefully this will be the first summer in a while without any dramas!!


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