Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Saturday night fights; Path to Glory. Defend the stones

Game two of Saturday night saw me rolling the lowest so having to defend a sacred circle in the centre of the boards from the sacrilegious Nurgle and Slannesh (especially Slannesh 😈)

Noticing that the followers of Nurgle are a bit skittish today and constantly failing panic checks I decide to charge out and see if I can cause some routs.

I target the more squishy elements of Shaggy's warband and am more then pleased when several of the Followers of Nurgle poop their pants and run!

Seeing as I am taking on two warbands it is decided (by me!) that anyone crossing over the stones has to take a 'dangerous terrain test'

Yep Lee rolls a one on his first attempt ;0)

The rest of Lee's perverts inch forward. . . . .

As do the Nurglings!

Thankfully several of the Nurglings have legged it at this stage ;0)

Lee decides it's time to strike!

Thankfully at this point Shaggy decides he has had enough and decides to break for the hills.

Even Lee's leader commits to the fight. Despite not succumbing to the alluring nipples my Warrior of Chaos still fails to hit the side of a barn!

My valiant defenders attempt to hold back the surge of Slannesh but with Lee's Troll dissolving my Standard Bearer with it's puke my thin Red line starts to buckle.

Skull leads the counter charge!

Thankfully Skull dispatches the Troll but I decide to flee with the ragged remains of my Warband leaving Lee free the desecrate the stones 😜

Game three would see Lee take on Shaggy in the 'Surprise attack' scenario.

This Saw Lee's warband scattered at least 8" apart from each other as they forage for food.

Shaggy then gets to pick which table edge he will appear from.

This turned into a cracking game with Lee's forces rushing to form a shield wall and repulsing the surprise attack. Unfortunately my camera run out of battery so no photos.

Lee was more then chuffed when he rolled up ANOTHER two trolls with his gained infamy.

Shaggy and I were not as impressed :0/

I was so pleased with Skull's performance this week I finally decided to finish his paint job.

'Blessed of Khorne' also got finished up as well.

And so did 'Herald of Khorne'.


  1. The game aside, which was great, these miniatures are amazing! The sculpts are absolutely superb.

    1. Thanks. We have all raided our 'cupboards of grey shame' to get as many minis painted as possible. We must have miniatures from at least 6 different suppliers on the battlefield.

  2. Great stuff, fun to read and as Michael said lovely miniatures :-)

    1. Cheers man. It's been great to see the variety of miniatures we have been able to crowbar into the warbands

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