Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Spiteclaws swarm, a work in progress

With the inception of the Mordheim campaign I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone and play as Skaven

This would give me an opportunity (and motivation) to reach for my Shadespire Skaven warband, 'Spiteclaws Swarm' as well as various Skaven I acquired at HateCon all those years ago!

A group shot of 'The Skitterkin'

First up 'Jet', not sure what his Shadespire name is;

Next 'Lurkio', again I am not sure what his Shadespire handle is;

Then there is the 'Bladed Skaven', again I have no idea of his real name;

And finally a shot of Spiteclaws Swarm as they currently stand

Can't lie these miniatures have been an absolute pleasure to paint (especially after the pigs that were the 'Chosen Axes').

There might be additional purchases made if I wish to expand my Mordheim Warband (and I do) as I have pretty much exhausted all the Skaven I own.


  1. Really cool-cool rat-things :D

    Seriously, I love them :)

    1. Thanks man they are a pleasure to paint


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