Monday, 25 February 2019

Sunday night fights; Shadespire: Silver Vs Gold

You're going to have to forgive me as I am well behind with my blogging posts at the moment due to half term.

Sunday before last Lee and I threw down via the medium of ShadeSpire

Due to being a zombie (not literally) from when we had broken up on the Friday I had not bothered to build a less 'gamey' deck. This would see Lee go up against my 'A' deck.

I deceded to go with an off centre board as it should allow me to create a bottle neck or charge out and mob stomp an isolated figure.

Lee's Silver Steelheart charges his golden counterpart!

Golden Steelheart is dispatched and Angarad charges in for revenge.

With Lee's other figures too far away to support (as I had hoped), Golden Obryn charges silver Steelheart.

It all kicks off in no-mans land.

With Lee having the alpha strike, Golden Obryn is left on his own.

This leaves Obryn hanging on by one wound thanks to his upgrades.

And then I pull an amazing 5 cards from my power deck!

Now all I have to do is win the next turn  . . . . . . .

NOPE!! Lee won the turn and Dispatched Golden Obryn.

Close game but win for Lee.

Game two would see us go for an elongated set up.

Then the Golden Liberators flood into Lee's half of the board. . . . . . . 

and bodies start to fall!

Golden Angarad REALLY wants revenge!

Game two sees me coming out the winner.

With a game each we set up for the decider.

And once again my Golden Liberators charge up the field.

But Lee's Silver Liberators hold the line.

The Angarads face off!

But by the end of turn two I have cleared to field!

This see's me take the game 12 glory to 1.

Apart from the third game it was a real close 'cut and thrust' affair.

I did promise Lee I would work on a Reaver deck so we could play again later in the week.


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