Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Some painted Shadespire. The Chosen axes. . . . . and a Skaven or two

I finally got some mini's painted up this year.

Here are the finished Chosen Axes.

Got to be honest, I do not like these at all.

They were all naff sculpts. Up to this point the Shadespire miniatures had been a pleasure to paint but this lot were a real grind.

To prove the point I moved on to the Skaven figures almost immediately (for an upcoming Mordheim campaign) and finished one in a single sitting as it was so nice to paint!

I have tried to make it look like it is looming out of the shadows, kind of like this . . . .

Not sure how  successful I was really.

Got another Skaven finished up while the ink washes were drying.

In other news this is how my Ogre army for RiotvilleLIVE 2019 is looking.

Just these little gits to finish.


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