Friday, 4 January 2019

The 12 games of Christmas

NOPE!! I'm not dead!

The lack of blogging has been due to a lack of home PC as Riotville is still not kitted out with electricity yet. However I have not been idle.

Let me introduce to you . . . . . .

I set myself a simple challenge.

Could I get twelve games of something in over the Christmas break.

Game one

Game one saw me heading to Magic Madhouse to play some Shadespire on the first Sunday of the break.

This saw me throw down against Mike 2.0 and his Orruks.

Mike 2.0 set up the boards in a elongated set-up and then got to doing what Orruks do best and started smashing skulls!

Thankfully I am able to focus down on the single Orruk.

And then it REALLY kicks off in the centre!!

Thankfully I am able to edge the first game 8 to 6.

The second game sees a more off centre set up.

Gurzag comes gunning for my Warden!

I attempt to isolate Gurzag from the rest of his 'boyz'.

I manage to dispatch Gurzag and then take the fight to the rest of the boys . . . . .

 . . . . and I mean REALLY take the fight to the rest of the Boyz!!

Despite decimating the Orruks I had to constantly raise Skellies which meant I just kept feeding the blender.

This saw Mike 2.0 take the second game 10 to 5.

With one game apiece we had to play a decider.

The decider would see Mike 2.0 go balls to the wall Orky!!

Attacking on mass saw him bulldoze through anything I could raise to hinder them.

This would see the Orruks hunt down my Warden with ease.

With no upgrades the Warden was never going to hold back the sea of green and is sent to the arms of Nagash!

This sees Mike 2.0 romp home the winner 11 to 1 !!!!!

Two good thing did come out of this game;
       1. The kick up the arse I need to sit down and build a more effective deck!
       2. Mike 2.0 is as in love with Mordheim as I am so we have arranged a game for the 6th of Jan!

Game two

While at the Magic Madhouse I wanted to pick up a game for the family to play on Christmas day.

I decided on this.

This saw Lano another fella there and I rip open to box to have a quick sampler game.

I LOVED it!!

The game sees you play as a bunch of gangsters splitting up the proceeds of a job. Much bluffing and double crossing ensued.

Game three

Game three saw my brother and I play our annual 'El Smashico' Bloodbowl game on Christmas day.

We have played this game pretty much every Christmas for the last THIRTY YEARS!!

Once again this was to be a hard nosed affair with no quarter asked or given.

Thankfully I was able to sneak my catcher through the carnage in the middle to make a break for the end zone.

But he is swiftly chased down.

Thankfully the sneaky git is able to dodge the tackles flying in and makes a break for the End zone.


The board is reset and my brother dons his waistcoat to channel his inner 'Southgate'.

A concerted charge down the middle sees Kris run roughshod over my thin green line.

Some how I manage to chase down the Nordic Thrower and strip the ball.

This sees me make a 'Hell Mary' pass to an Ork on the side lines.

Squares from the line the valiant Ork is brought down . . . .

 . . . . . and then an outrageous 'long bomb' pass sees Kris score for the draw!!

Unfortunately unlike 30 years ago we both have two kids now who were getting restless so we blow the half time whistle and hope to play the second half soon.

To be continued!!

Game four

Nothing says 'Christmas' like a family pointing guns at each other (via the medium of 'Cash and Guns')!!

EVERYONE loved it!

Even my two year old nephew got involved!

Game five

For game 5 we decided to go with a classic. . . . .

BOY was this a mistake!!

I soon got bored of this and bankrupted myself after about 90 minutes.

With neither of the kids willing to negotiate, the game went into 'hardcore' mode were they had to wait for another player to go bankrupt to forfeit their property.

This has them playing for nearly 4 hours and when the game was FINALLY decided there were proper tears!!

With so many great games out there I am still surprised at the popularity of this game. I suppose it's because it's the one board game everybody knows and probably has knocking about in the house somewhere.

Game six

Tim of 'Creative Biscuit' fame opened his shop for an extra festive gaming session.

This would see Lano introduce me to Keyforge.

Each deck is unique and it's a one deck investment.

Got to be honest I quite enjoyed it and might pick up a deck the next time I am at the Magic Madhouse.

Game seven

After Lano and I finished our game and 2Key and Tim had destroyed the City via Monsterpocolipse we sat down to play Scythe.

Everyone wore their 'big boy pants' for this one and the action was thick and fast.

I was neck and neck till the sixth star but when the points were tallied up Lano walked away the winner.

Game eight

Game eight was a surprise when Lee texted me to see if he could have a taster of Legends of the Old West.

Only one answer to that. . . . .

Felt really good to get the posse back together.

We played a simple 'high noon' scenario and we both got identical posses to give Lee the best chance to see how the mechanics work.

This would result in carnage on the streets of Largo and Lee's Sheriff being the only survivor.

With Lee getting the bit between his teeth we decide to play another game.

This game see's both posses taking to the rooftops.

A comedy of errors sees Lee's Sheriff hit and failing his pluck test. This sees him bolt for the nearest cover and failing to make the jump down ending up with the Sheriff sprawled out in the alley way!

The Sheriff regains his feet and comes out of the alley all guns blazing!

The outlaws empty their guns to no effect and charge in!

Bill decides to join it but also fails his 'jump' test and ends up laid out in the dirt!

The outlaws weight of numbers finally tells and the Sheriff is beaten down in the alley!!

Game nine

Yesterday was supposed to see me go back to work early to get a head start on next term.

Several workmen were then scheduled to be at the house yesterday so I needed to be there.

The good news is I got to throw up the bat signal to see if anyone wanted to play.

Shaggy and Lee answered the call.

The first games saw Lee and Shaggy play through Shadespire. Shaggy had only played the once so I let him use my new 'filthy' deck.

Shaggy had much fun. Not to sure about Lee ;0)

Then it was my turn.

I decided to pull out the Warden in order to see what it was like to play against my deck.

Shaggy plays very defensively at first despite his deck being built to take the fight to the enemy.

Finally Shaggy ventures into my half of the board.

I mob Angarad!

Severin races over to assist Angarad.

But with the Warden tanked up . . . . . . .

 . . . . . He wrecks Severin!

This sees me take the first game 12 to 7.

Game two is another 'smash mouth' affair.

And again Severin makes a bee line for the Warden.

But I manage to focus down on individual, isolated Stormcasts.

Despite this Shaggy takes the game 14 to 9 !!

What can I say, my new Stormcast deck seems to be a filthy deck!

So thats where we are so far, nine games in and 3 days to go.

I am pretty sure I have a game of 'Legends' arranged with my brother tonight and then there is Mordheim on Sunday.

If I can sneak in another cheeky game I will hit the twelve.

Not going to do a 'year in review' thing as I would rather use the time to get more games in.

No resolutions set for the new year as I really need to get my hobby space sorted and with us now being skint, skint that could take some time.

Happy new year one and all.


  1. Absolutely brilliant! What a holiday break you've had, good luck on the final three games.

    1. Thanks man and great to see you blogging again!

  2. Wow, sir. I think you played more games during Christmas than I did over the whole 2018. Hats off!!

    1. Thanks man. I needed to end the year with a crescendo!

      Happy new year

  3. Cheers for hosting and the games mate! I may have the shadespire bug again now..Need to learn to deck build though..

    1. The decks are imperative to the game. That's also the most fun part of the game.

    2. Yeah..Just got the leaders pack and the Nightvault Echos of Glory pack..

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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