Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The twelve games of Christmas Pt.2

So did I get to complete my  . . . . .

I was at game nine last post.

Game 10

Had a lovely surprise when the wife got home from work and announced she wanted to play . . . .

This saw my loving kids decide to gang up on me and blast me out of the game by the 5th round!

I ended the game on EXACTLY zero dollars!

Yep zero dollars for dad!
Game 11, 12 and 13!

Friday saw my brother pop over for a game of little soldiers.

I originally thought we were going to play 'Legends of the Old West' but then he mentions 'What's that SAGA game like?'.

Only one way to find out!

Game 11 was a steep learning curve for my poor brother.

In the past I have mostly introduced Kris to games like Blood Bowl or Space Hulk. Mordheim probably being the most complicated game he has ever played with me.

But having two separate sets of Dice plus a faction specific board with unusual symbols was all a bit much at first.

Kris gave it a solid go but I rode down his Warlord in the taster game.

Game 12 my brother was starting to get to grips with the battle board but probably played too hesitatingly for a Viking.

And once again his Warlord was sent packing to Valhalla!

By the third game (game 13) Kris had tweaked his army list and had settled on a small selection of 'go to' abilities on the board.

This more robust force took the fight to my Normans.

Allowing Kris to isolate my Warlord and dispatch him!!

So with my '12 games of Christmas' complete was I satisfied?

Not even close I still had the mighty . . . .

Game 14

Sunday saw me get all giggly and silly as I got the boys back together again.

I got to the Magic Madhouse early and set up the board.

My Reiklanders advance into the centre of the board.

Nothing to see here boss!
When suddenly a band of the Possessed burst from cover!!

True to form my Reiklanders shit their pants and can't hit the side of a barn!

The rest of my forces rush to support.

A massive melee erupts in the centre of the board. No quarter is asked or given!

My casualties mount but I manage to hold my nerve.

'Wild eyed Bill' and Wesley manage to pull down the opposing Beastman and spot the leader of the Possessed lurking in the shadows.

Desperate to turn the tide they charge the Magister,

Thankfully their combined might is enough to dispatch their foe.

With the pulling down of their leader the rest of the Possessed fail their moral check and desert the field but as the dust clears my Reiklanders notice . . . . .

 . . . . That once again the useless Lord Crashart has managed to get himself killed. This time by being captured in the first game and sacrificed!!

With the bit between our teeth Mike and I set up for  . . . . .

Game 15

This will be a 'breakthrough' mission.

My defenders take up their positions.

Mike decides to split his forces and I spot an opportunity to inflict as much pain on the Possessed even if I can't take the game.

The bulk of my melee troops race off after the Magister!

The leader of the Possessed surrounds himself with his Beastmen serfs.

Meanwhile my other two warriors desperately attempt to slow down the possessed mutants from escaping off the back table edge.

Wesley takes the fight to the Beastmen and dispatches his adversary with ease!

My lowly warriors are ripped to shreds by the Possessed mutants!

More Beastmen throw themselves into the fray to save their master.

My lone warrior on the right desperately tries to crawl away from the rampaging mutants but is mercilessly dragged back and dispatched!

Somehow my warband passes their moral check and rally themselves to take the fight to the Possessed once again!

This sees Wesley once again pull down the Possessed leader and this once again proves too much for the remaining Possessed who flee the field without the stern direction of their leader!!

So there we go 15 games played over the Christmas period.

What a great end / start to the year!


  1. Brilliant! Well done one and all, a great achievement.

  2. Great reports Riot, loved the Mordheim games very much and your brother did well to get into Saga so quickly. Glad you got all your games in fella.


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