Friday, 20 October 2017

SAGA. The battle of the ford!

This Thursday saw Macca and I continue our SAGA campaign.

With Macca winning the first game (scenario one), I needed to force the crossing of a river.

In the first turn I move up two large units of Bondi to secure the crossings. The last thing I want is his bloody 'dags; running loose on my side of the river.

Having secured the crossings I am now in no rush to cross the river.

The next turn, knowing I will have to suffer a number of long ranged attacks, plus those bloody 'potato throwing leprechauns' I pull a bit of a dick move. . . .

. . . . and camp on a ton of SAGA die.

This does have the desired effect when only one Bondi falls in Macca's turn.

The plan was then to sit on my dice for a couple of turns before bursting the Viking's across the river in the final two turns to score a ton of victory points and therefore victory . . . .

However an amazing roll of SAGA dice throws this plan out of the window.

With the dice gods on my side I decide to strike.

I play 'Ragnarok' which reduces all the Irish armour values and . . . . .

 . . . . decimate the nearest Irish Hirdguard .

The Irish on the other crossing get a similar treatment!

Macca attempts to counter strike with javelin attacks but a roll of . . . . .

. . . . sees them fail to hit!

Not wanting to give up the crossing just yet I retreat to the fords and once again sit on my SAGA die.

With his hand forced Macca finally commits his forces to melee.

The Dane axes force the Viking Bondi to retreat.

With the end turns in sight and another amazing roll of SAGA dice I decide now is the time to fully commit to forcing the crossing.

The Viking Bondi lay waste to the Irish 'dags' . . .

 . . While the Viking warlord brushes aside the surviving Dane axe and the Viking Bondi storm the hill.

The storming of the fords secures the Vikings the victory!!!!!

In other news there were also some killer games of Warmachine going on!!

Tookey and Phil threw down with 'Menoth' and Grymmkin'.

While Lano and Tim went 'hammer and tongs' with 'Khador' and Trolls!

Next throwdown at the Creative Biscuit will be FRIDAY the 24th of November.


  1. Another interesting report, cheers Riot, uncommon restraint shown by the Vikings holding themselves ready at the fords instead of just piling across. Will try to remember the technique :-)

    1. I think against 'shooty' armies it is the best answer. Turtle up in turns where you can't have a chance of really decimating an enemy unit and wait for the right dice to strike.

      The fact that Macca was being coralled once I captured the fords really helped.

      Scenario 3 involves us capturing objective so I might be back on the back foot next game.

  2. Stick it to those Irish! The wet fords are yours to fish?

    1. Now I have to win the next game. Macca is sharp and will adapt his game!


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