Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blood in the Badlands; secret sparring session.

Not being quite ready to walk away from the Badlands yet I have decided to blog the secret sparring session Lee and I had before the final storming of the Fastness.

2pm Lee and I arrived at our secret location (Ilford Wargaming club) and set out the forces we would use for the finale.

 Just like I did in the first turn of the finale I use the 'power scroll' to force through the boosted 'comet of Cassandora'.

Thankfully the miscast was only a large blast template and I had made sure the Butcher was standing on in own in case this happened . . . . . so far so good!

Also just like I did in the final I pop the Firebelly on a flying carpet and have him fly / march into the flanks of the Orcs.

Once there he uses his breath attack to whittle away the opposing forces. The plan is now to have him harass the flanks of the advancing Orcs or crash in on any warmachines.

Lee advances aggressively to escape the imminently landing comet and I come thundering in with the Stonehorn.

This is what I hoped to do with the Elves when they fled the fastness. Unfortunately this did not happen in the finale but the effects of the comet landing within the Fastness were even MORE devastating!

With the comet on it's way Lee is forced to move forward. If he moves back I will just continue to drop comets on him until he runs out of room!

Hand of Mork (or is that Gork) is cast to get the Idol in my rear.

Having been scared shitless with this before I keep my cool and manoeuver a sabretusk to direct the over running Idol away from the rear of my Ironguts.

Lee's Boar boys bite the bullet and charge my Gnobblars to escape my Firebelly in their flank.

The Orc wyvern is trampled by my Stonehorn and only the Orc hero survives but is facing down my brute of a beastie!

With Lee forced to move forward aggressively by the Comet I decide now is the time to strike!

The Mornfangs charge into the Orc Giant.

Both the Ironguts and the Tyrant with his Maneater body guard also roll high enough to make the charge!

As this is happening the Ogre Leadbelchers charge into the Goblin arachnid with the Ogre Giant in support.

Even my second hunter with his sabretusk pack decides to get stuck in and charges the isolated Orc chariot!

The Giant 'ed butts' the spider and concusses it for the next round of combat, allowing the leadbelchers to pull it apart next round.

The Ironguts and Maneaters absolutely decimate the Orc horde.

With the Orc horde massacred as they turn to flee and my managing to successfully tie up the rest of the Orc forces Lee is bogged down and unable to flank any of my units.

With the remainder of the Orc forces on the brink of destruction and my only real casualties my Giant and some Gnobblars Lee declares the field and retreats.

So that was our secret sparring session. I have to admit I was rolling REALLY hot and made EVERY single one of my rolls!

I think this made the battle seem a lot  more one sided then it would have been if I was rolling average dice!

Lee did give me the kudos of saying he did not think it would have made much of a difference as I had forced his hand the entire game.

All I do know is I was no where near this complete a player before the 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign kicked off!

I am hoping to get in one more game with the 'Badlands' forces against Phil and his Skaven as we have unfinished business ;0)


  1. Love the Badlands campaign although never played it, and your reports just make me want to have a go using my KOW troops. Smashing report Riot, thoroughly good read, cheers :-)

    1. Thanks man.

      The 'Blood in the badlands' book is cheap as chips on eBay and is easily converted to KOW.

      I would fully recommend giving it a go even if you only play half a campaign.

  2. Wow, solid result mate! So many cool toys on the board too. The image of a giant head-butting a giant spider... Fan-bloody-tastic.

    1. Cheers. We were lucky during the campaign that we got to pull all our big toys out of the cupboard!

      All the battles seemed to write their own narratives which help make the entire campaign really special.


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