Thursday, 3 August 2017

Fozzrik's Gate house. Blood in the Badlands.

By Sigmar!! It FLIES!!!!!!!

Still giggly and silly from the wonders of BOYL 2017 and knowing Geheimnisnacht is due this weekend in the Badlands I wanted to create something a bit special for the game.

The denizens of the Warhammer world know all too well that strange things happen on Geheimnisnacht. 

In the Badlands it is said that an eerie, ethereal tower appears and from it radiates a swirling arcane vortex.

This tower is known by a few as the 'Gatehouse' although the providence of that title has only now been revealed with the Flying Fastness soaring in the skies above.

The Gatehouse is the tether - an anchor point that will allow the Flying Fastness to come to rest upon the ground once more.

Whoever has control of the Gatehouse when it appears on Winter's eve will have a powerful advantage when it comes to breaching the Flying Fastness next season.

The Autumn scenario will see the four of us play a 'Storm of Magic', 3000 point armies in two teams of two.

Being Storm of Magic we get another 750 points for scrolls of binding, pacts etc as well as one lieutenant for free, so there is going to be plenty on the table!

I can only imagine the chaos which is going to be unleashed in the game so I figured we needed some thing worth fighting over. 

With the spectacle of 'Heldenhofen' and 'Helsreach' from BOYL 2017 still very much in my mind I delved into the 'Cupboard of Doom' and dragged out the terrian kits I had been hoarding for Mordheim.

Of course this is nothing like the scale of those two endeavours but are more of an homage to those tables.

And just like the original Gatehouse this was born in a time of chaos (in the office!). 

Trust me it got worse!

As far as I could tell there is only one piece of artwork released by GW relating to the Flying Fastness . . . .

And my most vibrant memory of a flying building is this from 'Feel good inc' by the Gorillaz.

So my intent was to try and combine the two!

I used an old CD spool cover I had lying around for the base of the gatehouse. This would help to create a stable but see through foundation for the struture.

The  spool itself was covered in balsa wood and used to mount the tower to make it look like it was floating from certain angles.

The Gatehouse is a combination of (from bottom to top); MDF borard, Rendetta crater, CD spool see-through cover, loft insulation board, two 'crossbows and catapults' game, strongholds stuck together, a canabalised GW watch tower, the spool part of the CD holder covered in balsa wood and the top half of the Deathknell watch tower to crown it all off.

Considering it is only painted with successive dry brushing I am more then chuffed with how it has turned out!!

Now roll on the weekend so I can see it in action!


  1. That is super cool - I dig it!

    1. Thanks man I am really chuffed with it.

      Constructed and painted in less then 3 days. . . . Almost as fast as you ;0)

  2. Looks fantastic Riot, its all come together very nicely, will look just the part in your Badlands game. Dry brushing on terrain is the best way to get great results, its so flexible :-)

    1. Thanks man. I have to be honest it was more luck then judgement!

      It should look the business surrounded by all the armies (hopefully with me occupying it) ;0)

  3. Well that's just brilliant! What a fabulous build and great to see how it was done too.

  4. Amazing job! Can't wait to see it in action this weekend!

    1. Fight you for it ! ;0)

      Thanks man. See you Saturday.

  5. You should be right chuffed mate, that thing's bloody brill!

    Did you draw up a sketch prior to grabbing all the bits, or just went with the flow and made it up as the bits got to hand?

    1. Thanks man. False modesty aside I am really pleased with it ;0)

      I generally tend to 'dry fit' stuff together after making a very rudimentry sketch. Once it looks like the bits will actually fit out comes the super glue (and I end up sticking my fingers together).


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