Friday, 11 August 2017

Something old . . . . something new.

Despite it being the summer hols I have not been smashing through the lead mountain.

Usually I get the majority of my painting done during the six weeks hols but apart from building and painting 'Fozzriks Gatehouse' my painting mojo has been pretty low.

One thing I have got finished up is this brute of a Stonehorn which has absorbed far too much of my time with the brush.

Well at least that is two of my three generals finished for my Badlands armies.

For a change of palette, yesterday I decided to dig into the 'cupboard of doom' to find and finish the oldest piece of lead in there, in one sitting.

It turned out to be this lunp of lead below which is a 1990 Grenadier Miniatures, Barbarian.

Anyone else think he looks a bit too much like the Heroquest Barbarian?

So twenty seven years later it finally gets a coat of paint and finished!

I have destinct memories of buying it from the top floor of Hamleys in Regent Street when it used to have a modeling section!

So here he is my oldest (until recently) unpainted miniature next to my newest painted miniature.

Here is one final look at the Stonehorn and hopefully it will see some action before the end of the Badlands campaign.

Now the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 190

Miniatures bought 113
341 miniatures to go


  1. Wow! That thing is huge! Fabulous work Sir.

    1. Thanks.

      Truth be told I am happy to see the back of him.
      Still got the Thundertusk to go!

  2. My thoughts when faced with ogres:

  3. Well he may have taken up a lot of your brush time but he's worth it, looks smashing :-)

    1. Thanks man. I have about 20 odd miniatures to complete and then all 3 armies are finished.

      I think I will be well and truly done with Ogres after that!

  4. All that time poured into that huge thing really paid off mate, he looks fantastic. A true centerpiece for your army. Shame you can't model the masses of flies that would be buzzing around the pair as well cos that thing looks Bantha-stinky!!

    Barbarian is Frazetta-esque, so yeah, similar to the Heroquest one, but also to a LOT of other older barbarian character designs too. I remember visiting Hamleys when I were a lad as well when we briefly lived in Billericay, Essex. They had a gorgeous large WW1 battlefield display that had little-me gobsmacked. Shame to hear they don't have the model section any longer. :(

    1. Thanks man, I still have the thundertusk to finish which is the same size!
      The Barbarian is very Conan-equse and I agree very typical of the era. If I had more time I probably would have given him the 'Conan in body paint look' which really struck a cord with me as a kid.

      The top floor of Hamleys is now dedicated to wooden toys and the like. I remember when it was just a world of modelling possibilities!


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