Saturday, 26 August 2017

Legends of the Old West. Hang 'em high!

With the Outlaw Bill captured it was decided that my remaining Outlaws (all THREE of them) would attempt to rescue him from the hangman's noose!

The townstead is set up with the gallows in the centre of the top 2 foot square.

There will be a dozen towns folk circling the gallows which can be controlled by the winner of the 'drop'.

My three lads sneak through the outskirts towards the gallows.

The Lawmen watch from the outskirts.

The drifters inch closer as the Lawmen sense something is up and take up firing positions.

It would appear my Outlaws spent the previous night in the Saloon as it takes them two attempts to stumble over the wall!!!

Attracted by the noise two Townsfolk wander over to investigate.

Bushy Bill decides to use them as a meat shield and opens up on the two Lawmen creasting the building!

Having FINALLY cleared the fence, my other two Outlaws burst out of the alley and gun down a Vigilante!

Bushy Bill had forgotten about Earp's new 'Trick shooter' ability and is plugged between the eyes as Earp ignores any cover saves!!

Bill is starting to sweat on the gallows as turn 5 begins. In another five turns the lever will be pulled!

The Duke manages to gun down an 'Upstanding Citizen' as they fight their way towards their partner in crime.

'The Duke' runs up to a towns woman and takes her hostage!

Unable to shoot at The Duke, wild Bill charges towards him!

Wild Bill cracks the Duke across the bridge of the nose and is forced to release the woman in order to defend himself.

The woman bolts for cover leaving the Duke exposed!

As Wild Bill and the Duke run from each other exchanging lead, the Outlaw Dutch is gunned down as he breaks for cover!

On turn eight 'Prospector Pete' climbs up to pull the lever!!

Will the Outlaws make it in time?

The Duke and Wild Bill continue to exchange lead at close quarters but neither man can send the other to Boot Hill!

At the start of turn ten the trap door is released and Bill takes his first wound as he swings on the end of the rope!

With all of his Posse gunned down and Bill seconds from seeing the pearly gates, The Duke decides to cut his losses and leaves Bill to his fate!

Wth the death of Bushy in the post game rolls and Bill hanging at the end of a rope I decide to declaire the campaign there and Kris is the run away winner.

Tme for The Duke to disappear into the Badlands and plot his revenge with a new Posse!!


  1. Aw that was so cinematic. Shame the outlaws were so derpy this game. Looks like a fules set and setting i could really get into

    1. The rule set seems geared towards the cinematic rather then a historically correct game. I think it is a great rule set i.e. the rules do not get in the way of the game but gives you all the tactical thinking you could want. It is certainly my brothers favourate rule set to date.


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