Monday, 17 July 2017

Legends of the Old West. The ballard of the righteous Wyart Earp. The finale

With the start of the summer holidays for yours truly, my brother and I met up Saturday to finish off our 'Legends of the Old West campaign'.

It was decided for a final shoot-out we would play the classic 'High Noon' scenario with the 'Duel' element thrown in to give us a suitably cinematic final foray for this campaign.

Once again 'Mare street' was set up.

The two leaders meet in the centre of the town to parley.

But it's a trap and several outlaws are spotted entering the town from the North!

Earp's deputies race to the rescue from the South!

The Outlaws are quicker to the draw and sprint into six gun range.


Somehow Wyatt brushes off the cannoncade and draws his heavy pistol to retaliate!

Luckily the barrel in front of the Duke saves the day and absorbs the shot.

The 'Duke' draws his pistol and 'fans the hammer' of his six gun. . . . . . .

. . . . and misses with EVERY shot!

'Wild Bill' charges in and unloads his six gun at the Duke.

Once again the barrels in front of the Duke absorb the shots and begins to resemble swiss cheese!

Both posses race towards the shoot-out to tip the balance.

'Doc' takes cover in the lee way of the Sheriff's office and prepares his shot gun . . . .

While the rest of the Deputies race to Earps side!

Despite the rush of law dogs towards him the Duke keeps his cool and brings his repeating rifle to his shoulder .. . . . . .

As the rifle shot resounds through the air . . . .

 . . . . Seth Bullocks falls to the ground dead!

First blood to the outlaws.

Wild Bill empties his second, six gun at the Duke but the stone cold killer shrugs off the hits!

Oz and Guns Malone chase down the Law Dog 'Bat' and he is forced to use his fortune to survive the volleys of lead.

Doc brings his Shot gun to bear on the Out laws but the puff of smoke exposes his position and he is gunned down in the answering cannoncade!

The surviving Law Dogs fall back to the cover of the Sheriff's office to reload.

All except 'Wild Bill' who has reloaded his six-guns and charges up the right flank, easily dispatching Malone before cornering Oz in an alley way.

Having reloaded Wyart strides back into the street and brings his guns to bear. . . . . .

Both 'Bushy Bill' and 'Frenchie' run to within 'fanning' range and fill the streets with lead . . . . . .

 . . . . . Not a single shot wounds the legend that is Wyart Earp!!!!

Over on the right Wild Bill guns down Oz but his celebration is short lived when 'The Duke' shoots him in the back with his repeating rifle!

Normally ths would mean a 'pluck test' for the Law men but this being the finale we decided to fight to the last man.

With both his guns empty, Bushy Bill draws his Bowie knife and charges Wyart . . The Lawman is forced to spend one of his Fortune to survive the melee!

My final two outlaws finally enter the town and the rest of the outlaws close in on the lone Lawman!!

'Frenchie' slides round the building and unloads on the bullet proof Lawman . . . . Yep Wyart strides through the volley of lead untouched!

With Wyart Earp striding purposely towards him Frenchie decides to do the smart thing   . . . . . . and runs for his life!!

With the outlaws closing in from all sides Wyart makes his final stand outside the Sheriff office.

Somehow despite EVERY SINGLE outlaw unloading their guns at Wyart Earp he remains standing just cementing his legend!!

Thats TWENTY shots he has just shrugged off!!

Earp spots the weazil 'Frenchie' sneaking up on him and Earp bounds over and cracks him across the face with his heavy pistol!

Somehow Frenchie survives this blow and empties his final six-gun into the Lawman at point blank range, stripping him of two wounds!

As Wyart staggers back from these gut shots two more Outlaws race round the corner of the Sheriff's office and finish off the heavily wounded lawman in a cannoncade of lead!!

And there ends the Ballard of the righteous Wyart Earp!!

All in all a fitting end for the Lawman and his deputies but history is written by the victors and The Duke takes control of the town and Lago remains in the iron grip of the Duke and his 'high plains drifters'!

The 'Legends of the Old West' rule set is a brilliant set of game rules and I fully recommend it. We will definately be playing 'Legends' again!


  1. Blimey. At least he went out all guns blazing. Great stuff!

    1. We could not have written it better ourselves. It's great when a campaign writes it's own narrative.

  2. What an ending! Superb series, I have really enjoyed this.

    1. Thanks man, so have we.

      It's quickly become one of my favourate rule sets to play.

  3. Fantastic end to the saga, loved reading these, took me back to being a kid, Saturday morning picture shows flicking peanuts from the balcony, great fun :-)

    1. Thanks man, we have loved playing them.

      I really feel it needs a Ennio Morricone score playing in the back ground the whole time.

  4. What's this! Monday is Blood in the Badlands report day!!

    1. I know, there was a back log. It's coming tomorrow.


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