Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game 11. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

With Lano MIA last Sunday, Phil, Lee and I met up at Ilford Wargaming Group to play 2000 points of Triumph and treachery!

Ilford Wargaming tend to focus on 'proper' table top war games but welcomed us with open arms and I fully recommend the club for some Sunday games of little soldiers.

Phil, Lee and I set up our 2000 points (plus extras) for battle.

Lee and I had already discussed that we would not gang up on Phil as despite our alliance we felt it would be a dick move.

(Spoiler alert) If Jiminy Cricket was here right now I would squash him!

Up yours Jiminy!!

We roll for deployment and the field of battle is set.

Phil proudly shows off his new 'Doom Wheel' he was up till 11pm painting.

Well that will have to go!

Still trying to get to grips with my Maneaters I give them 'Sniper' and 'Scout' and plonk them on Phil's flank. I figure I will get at least two rounds of shooting on Phils units before they are massacred.


Phil makes the 17 inch roll with his first roll of the die!

Yep it's going to be one of those games ;0)

Thanks to a previous result on the post game battle rolls, my Tyrant army hates Skaven for this battle . . . Now how will I remind myself of this during the game?

Still kept managing to forget!

At this point of the game it is very much a Mexican stand-off with everyone trying to work out whats going on.

Phil has left some Skaven Gutter runners out on a limb. There is obviously some dickery intended for this low hanging fruit!

The dickery turns out to be some nets which reduce my WS by 3. At least the impact hits of my Ogres take their toll.

With the Skaven Plague Monks still high up on my 'Shit list' my Iron Guts crash into the rats and get busy with the iron work!

(In the photo below I have also just realised my BSB should be in the front rank. Sorry lads!).

It's not all going my way as the Skaven Abomination causes my Maneaters to flee the field after once again achieving absolutely sod all!!

Back in the centre my Ironguts run down the Skaven Plague Monks as they turn to flee.

The Skaven Gutter runners are also pulled limb from limb and bolt for the nearest table edge.

Then both units crash in on the lone unit of Clan rats holding the centre!

My second unit of Ogres also pull Phil's new Doom wheel to pieces!

I almost felt sorry for him . . . . . . Almost!

Up to this point you would be forgiven in forgetting this was a three way game . . . .Lee certainly had ;0)

My Ogres clear the centre and apart from the Abomination there is only a single Skaven Engineer left to hold the centre . . . . .What on Earth can he possibly do?

Lee obviously gets bored at this stage and decides to join in as well.

Three of his units whoop for joy and declaire charges against the Skaven Storm Vermin!

Only the Chariot makes it in . . . This can only go well ;0)

"FOLLOW ME LADS!!!! . . . . . . .Oh you pricks AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The lone Skaven Engineers leaps from around the building and the Ogre Ironguts laugh heartedly at the scrawny runt!

That is until it reaches inside it's robes and pulls out a brass orb!!

A direct hit means four of my Ogres fail their initiative roll and are removed from the field!!!

It's small comfort when my surviving Ironguts get to grips with the scrawny runt and pull him apart :0(

Desperate to remove the Abomination from the field and secure the centre I charge in my Tyrant with his Ogre Bull body guards.

I hope to take full advantage of the unit flying the 'Banner of Mount Bloodhorn' with the 'devastating charge' special rule to finally dispatch the dreaded Abomination.

But needing to roll sixes to wound proves too much for the unit and they are massacred as they turn to flee from the melee with the abomintation!

My fortunes in the centre have turned full circle and now I only have three Iron Guts holding back a swarm of Skaven!

Over on my left Lee's forces begin to circle my orges like sharks sensing blood in the water!

My Firebelly pulls out all his tricks to try and decimate the Trolls to their fore but it is too little too late.

Back in the centre my surviving Irongut decides he has had enough and bolts for home!

Suddenly I find myself with only 4 Ogres and a unit of Gnobblars staring down an entire Orc army. . . . . . . I am sure Lee will reflect on all the successes our alliance has achieved during this campaign and show the restraint worthy of a noble Orc!! . . . . . .

 . . . . . NOPE!! . . . . .

. . . . . . . Definitely not!!!!

Over in the centre my last Irongut is run down by the Skaven Abomination!

Yep that's me tabled!!!!

At least the photo looks cool ;0)

With the Ogres all gone the Skaven and Orcs turn their full attention towards each other.

The Orc Boar Boyz thunder into the Skaven Storm vermin!

But are repulsed by the battle hardened rats!

At this point Lee's Giant looks at the Skaven rats sheepishly and backs away slowly without making eye contact!

And that's game with Phil walking away the obvious winner.

Post game rolls means my Tyrant now fears Skaven . . .Not surprising considering the result!

So it's back to the drawing board for me, I obvously had the early advantage but need to really think how to nullify the multiple threats the Skaven bring to the table and I am sure Phil (and the other Generals) have  more aces up their sleeves!

Next week I am away with the family and it is BOYL the week following so there appears to be a bit of a cease fire in the Badlands for a little while.


  1. Another wonderfully entertain reads, although not the best result for your good self.

    1. Your not the only person to find my misfortunes entertaining ;0)

      I have had a bit of a nightmare these last couple of weeks but hopefully I can turn it around.

  2. Oh I hate Abominations, even when killed they keep coming back, bad luck Riot but you are right, it is a smashing picture :-)

    1. I would not know about the 'keep coming back' bit as I have never managed to kill one ;0)

  3. Man, so instead of Ogres n Orks teaming up on the Skaven, it was Skaven and Orks teaming up on you!

    That backfired some. Along with your dice...

    1. Not really it was more of a case of Ogres and Skaven smashing heads while Orc's sat back to mop up the remains ;0)


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