Monday, 10 July 2017

Blood in the Badlands. Game 10. "There are some things you can only learn in a storm" Joel Osteen.

The Hunter stared up in awe at the gigantic fastness he could see hovering in the distance. The sky was alive with colours beyond his brash ability to describe. It was beautiful! The fact that he thought this was the case must be hidden from the others or it would weaken his position within the caravan but the truth was he found this land charming!

Beneath the Fastness he could see the Lizardmen mustering. As much as he abhorred the killing to come his pack needed to eat.

Last Sunday Lano and I had played a 2000 point game of 'Storm of Magic'.

I had intentionally invaded the Barbarian lands to avoid the other Generals and wanted to cut my teeth on a Storm of Magic game with a less experienced general.

Of course what happens is, no Barbarian generals turn up and Lano says "I have a Lizardman army, I will play you" . . . . . . . BollORKS! 

2000 points are laid out. I get an additional 250 points thanks to mine rolls and we also get an extra 500 points extra because . . . Well, Storm of Magic.

The 'Arcane Fulcrums' are placed and our Wizards are perched upon each.

Then our armies deploy within 18 inches of our table edge or within 6 inches of a fulcrum because . . . . well Storm of Magic!

I have taken my full compliment of bound monsters while Lano has decided to augment his army with various 'Mythic artefacts' because . . . . Well Storm of Magic.

With our armies within spitting distance of each other and Lano's superiority with magic I decide to go old skool and crash in my Mournfangs!

Once again I am reminded what tough bastards Lizardmen are and my Mournfangs bolt from the combat.

This causes the Lizards to overrun into my Battle standard bearer. . . who is soon butchered. . . .

Which allows the Lizards to overrun again into my Thundertusk and bound Cygor!

Over on the left flank my Gnobblars manage to stall out the other unit of Lizard men and I manoeuvre my Giant and Sabre tusks to line up a charge on the Skink on the Fulcrum.

Over on my left I am having more success as my bound Ghorgon rips Lano's Chimera apart.

Things are not going so well in the centre as my Mornfangs fail to rally and bolt from the table edge followed by my Cygor!

Over on my right my Sabretusk finally managed to hunt down the Skink wizard.

"You can wiggle your fingers as much as you want Kermit. That's not going to save you"!

My Stonehorn and Giant also make contact with the second unit of Lizard men.

Over on my left Lano has managed to unbind my monster because . . . . . well Storm of Magic.

And then because . . . . . well Storm of Magic, it goes berserk and gains; Frenzy, hatred and unbreakable special rules.

It also now just attacks whatever is the closest units because . . . . . Well Storm of Magic.

Thankfully the Skink wizard is ripped apart despite it's 3+ ward save because . . . . .Well Storm of Magic.

This now gives me 'Dominance' of the battlefield.

Over on the other Fulcrum the second Skink Wizard  transforms into a rampaging monster. In this case a 'Feral Manticore' because . . . . . . Well Storm of Magic.

My Ogre bulls continue the fight with it's former pet.

My Giant is poked to death by the Lizard spears and my Hunter is left to hold the right flank single handed.

To make matters worse the Lizardman Stegadon finally sees off my Gnobblars and crashes into the Stornhorn flank!

At least it's painted now ;0)

 Thankfully my Ogre Bulls kill the Ghorgon.

The Stegadon is also dispatched.

But the Stornhorn succumbs to it's wounds and the Hunter is left without his mount. Thankfully I still have magic dominance of the battlefield (whatever that means) and Lano's super, killy Mythic Artefacts is dormant because . . . . . .Well Storm of Magic!

At the start of my turn five my fortunes suddenly take a nose dive.

My level four 'Slaughter master' miscasts an 'Amber spear' and is sucked into the warp never to be seen again. . . .

And then the Slann Priest takes up residence on what Lano dubbed "his throne".

With 'Equilibrium' established via us both occupying 'Arcane fulcrums' Lanos 'Dawnstar sword' flares back into life and now hits and wounds automatically because . . . .Well Storm of Magic!

This spells the end (pun intended) of my valiant Hunter.

I have one last chance to snatch victory when the Slann priest miscasts and then fails it's 2+ ward save thanks to 'throne of vines'.

Unfortunately (for me) it survives the miscast roll and that's game!

That's a lot of dead, big things, on my side of the table!!!!

Lano's casualties are also substantial.

Lano takes the win thanks to the victory points left on the field.

The amount of crap and cards and rule books on the table gives an indication of how complicated and confusing this battle was because . . . . . Well Strom of Magic.

The thought of the final battle being a four way, Storm of Magic, SIEGE battle is just mind blowing!

Over on the other table Phil and Lee continued their war of attrition for the south of the Badlands.

No quarter was asked or given during this battle!

It really was the 'battle of the hordes'

At one point Lee's horde fled from a single flame cannon attack!

And the Skaven's bell was attacked by several Goblin Fanatics!

In the final throngs of the battle the Orc general managed to pierce the (black) heart of the Skaven Grey seer with his final death blow!

But this did not stop the massacre of Lee's ENTIRE army where EVERY SINGLE Orc, goblin and Troll died by the final throw of the dice!

Yep that's every single Orc, Goblin and Troll dead!
In the post game rolls I was forced to bribe Phil with a recently won relic not to grab another of my tiles due to a random event dice roll!

With this bribe I managed to shore up my borders.

Next week will see a three way, Triumph and Treachery battle between Lee, Phil and I due to the absence of Lano.

Here is how the map looks at the end of week ten.


  1. Well storm of magic.....who would have thought it could be so much fun? Looked like a great game Riot, loads of excellent creatures, that Ebay purchase paid off nicely :-)

    1. Storm of magic is basically an excuse toy get all your big toys out. It was a lot of fun but not the way I would want to play every week!


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