Saturday, 19 March 2016

Space Hulk. The legacy continues.

On Thursday I had rushed in from work, plonked down some games for an evening at the Creative Biscuit and then charged upstairs to go to the loo before heading out (is that too much information?). 

I then come downstairs to find my son had spotted the boxes, cracked one open and was setting the miniatures up for a game. It was with a heavy heart I had to explain to him that it was for the club and he had to head up and get ready for bed.

Friday night with the Misses heading out with friends and Kris M.I.A. I decided my son could have a late night and we cracked out the Space Hulk (or Spacemen and Aliens as he called it).

He decided to be the 'Stealers and we set up a modified board for mission 2 and I did not recieve a 'sustained fire bonus' for overwatch. Other then that we played the full rules.

Straight away I forget to put one of my Marines into OverWatch (O/W) and payed the price as Troy spots the opening and charges a 'Stealer out of the shadows and dispatches him!!

Having had two Stealers gunned down, my son soon learns his lesson and skulks the surviving Stealers through the unoccupied corridors. Damn the force is strong in this one!

Troy then learns his next lesson when I use 'command points' to open up with the flamer as another Marine falls to the Stealers assault!

I have lost 2 Marines and only taken 4 Stealers out of action. This is not going well!

My Flamer does a great job of holding up the Stealer assault, adding to my kill tally and giving my Sergeant the time to run up the board and secure the single entry room with the only other surviving Marine.

Then disaster!

One of Troy's Stealers discovers it is fire proof and survives TWO flame attacks. Oh oh!

The Stealer is in and wrecks it's bloody revenge on the Flamer Marine.

My Sergeant and the only other surviving Marine, bunker down in the most secure room and open up with full auto on any Stealer that expose themselves . . . . . . but then disaster!!

Both Marines jam their guns while opening up on the same Stealer and the rest of the Stealers flood into the room!

My Sergeant is killed and the other Marine falls to the surge of the other Stealers and it's all over!

So my Son plays his first game of Space Hulk and absolutely loves it! I had him in bed and all the evidence packed away before the wife returned (the perfect crime!) and I have a new gaming buddy to play Space Hulk with.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man. He grassed me up to the wife the next morning! ;0)

  2. Good to see your passing on the hobby on mate. Maybe not so good for your wallet :)

    1. What do you mean? I now have an excuse to buy the Space Hulk re-release. . . . . oh right!

  3. Excellent stuff, smashing to see the ancient tradition of Space Hulk being passed from father to son.

    1. Cheers. It was a lovely moment. He is chomping at the bit to play his second game.


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