Sunday, 27 March 2016

Shortshank redemption pt.9. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Crashart was in two minds; Ben had insisted there was a massive haul of Wyrdstone buried here but with his lips sewn shut who knows what the silly sod was mumbling? Even more disconcerting was Ben drawing pictures of 'the Pit' in his own blood, on his room walls. At least he hoped it was his own blood! A LOT of the tavern staff had gone missing recently.

Was Ben really sure about the Wyrdstone or did he just want to peer upon the outskirts of 'the Pit' again? Crashart really had to get out of this madhouse soon!

After the dust had settled from our game of 'Ultramarine' I sent the boy up to bed and Kris and I set the table for our next episode of the 'Shortshank redemption'.

The original plan was to try to replay our previous game as accurately as possible but we had access to a 4'x4' game board and I had finished off more terrain so we decided to replay the same location and mission but with a new terrain set-up.

I kept things simple with my set up and kept everyone close as Kris had set up in a 'flying brick' formation and I was worried my warband would be steamrolled if left without mutual support.

Then the first of my many surprises;

Kris runs a very strong kill team up through the middle. I figure he is going to hold out in the central tower and have me 'winkle' him out,

Then he splits off someThunderers to occupy the large building on his left flank.

A quick plan forms in my mind. I will let Kris take the tower and leave a small force to cover the entrance if they try to break out again. I figure I can use the small force to surround the door, only leaving enough space for one base at a time so I can 'mob stomp' single figures as they try to exit.

The Marksmen will force the larger building and (I hope) massacre the Thunderers and Slayer holed up in there to force the moral check. From the high ground I can then snipe into the tower to cause casualties or  force Kris' hand to exit the building.

Kris charges into the tower and I make the mistake of exposing 'Spook' to the Dwarf Thunderers. Thankfully Kris fails to hit the side of barn and 'Spook' survives the barrage of bolts (much to Kris' distress).

With 'Spook' on two wounds I decide to leave him in the open to see if he can attract more incoming fire so I can move the rest of my forces up unmolested. I also hope Spook will take a toll on the Thunderers with his 'quick shot' and 'trick shot' abilities.

Then I suffer my next surprise as I completely underestimate the hatred Kris has for Spook and he runs the remainder of his Heros straight past the tower to get to grips with Spook!

I decide to carry through with my plan and move my Marksmen into position to storm the trading post. My only worry is the Pit fighter wrecking bloody havoc with my plan.

I decide to force Kris' hand in the centre while his forces are still fairly scattered. I move Bill and 'Guapo Joe' into intercept position and then have Crashart step out and blast away with his brace of pistols. . . . . of course he misses!!!!!

"Ahar" . . . . . BANG!!!!!!. . . . . . . "Sod it . . . . I missed!!!!"

For some reason Kris moves his Pit fighter across the Trading post and I decide it's now or never!

Kris also attempts to charge Crashart with his Engineer, I have Guapo rush over and intercept the charge.

My turn; I have Archie climb up as the Marksmen rush up the stairs to barracade the door and stop the lone Thunderer escaping!

Crashart charges in on the Engineer, knocking him to the ground and leaving him at the mercy of Guapo Joe who only needs to roll 2+ dispatch the Dwarf!

The Dwarf Noble charges in to avenge his fallen comrade.

My Marksmen charge in on the isolated Dwarf Thunderer and her comrades are forced to stand there powerless and listern to the massacre of their confederate or risk the charge through the Trading post!

Back in the centre Crashart is charged by 'Cribb' the pitfighter with another Dwarf in support.

Crashart is pulled down but Bill charges in and avenges his Captain! Hal Bard has also recovered from his fall from the wall and lines himself up for the counter charge.

Kris works out a really nice series of charges and crashes in on Bill and Guapo.

Despite rolling the critical and gaining a +2 in the injury roll, Kris fails to take Bill out of action. If you listened carefully I think you could actually hear his spirit break at that point!

However Guapo does get taken out of action from the flurry of blows from his two attackers!

At this point Hal Bard finally charges in and with the help of Bill dispatches Ale-Fred, finally forcing the moral check from Kris. Thankfully for me he fails the check with room to spare!

So another nail biter in the bag and what a game! Truth be told I was a lot more aggressive this game as my Warband are finally getting to a stage where they are a close range threat to Kris' Dwarves and I think that threw him at first. That said, the Melee's were still a close run thing and a couple of Kris' rolls going his way could have easily cost me the game but I guess I had the blessings of the dice gods this game ;0)


  1. Exciting stuff Riot, cheers for posting, fun to read and great set up :-)

    1. Thanks man.

      I was reading one of the earlier battle reports while on holiday and our battle board has certainly come a long way!


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