Thursday, 10 March 2016

School Enrichment. Gorka Morka. Game 3

This weeks session saw the Students trying to eat whatever jumped out of a shuttle that had just crash landed between their two camps.
The students were allowed to 'borrow' any cool weapons the 'oomies were carrying when they get clumped.

If the students shot the 'oomies, the weapons were destroyed in the barrage of shells.

Game ended up in a massive Ork punch-up round the shuttle while the human survivors tried to quietly slip off towards the shelter of the underground bunker.

No one managed to capture the techie with the remote control for the wardroid. If they had they would have gained control of the 'clanker' for the rest of the campaign (unless it was nicked by the other team).

The game was another episode of absolute chaos.

Next week can the teams find enough scrap to fix the shuttle?


  1. Awesome stuff, man! I have many a fond memory of the games club way back in my jr. high/high school days in the late 80's, and it warms my heart to see you continuing the tradition!

    1. Thanks man.

      Maybe I will get mentioned in a blog in 30 years time?

  2. Your games are the sort that get remembered and talked about with fond memories, great to see :-)

    1. Thanks man. It's nice to see kids playing with little toy men rather then 40 year odd man childs. It stops me taking the games too seriously ;0)


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