Wednesday, 2 March 2016

School Enrichment. Gorka Morka. Game 2.

This weeks session saw the Students racing around trying to secure the abandoned water processing plant to give their Warband a strength bonus for the rest of the campaign.

There were also a number of 'presents' scattered around the board which would either be booby trapped or contain some good, old fashioned, extra, DAKKA DAKKA (depending on your roll).

Not being able to focus on anything hobby related for more then 5 seconds recently meant I did not paint up (or even glue together) the required objective markers so I just grabbed some Christmas presents out of a load of doll house stuff I picked up in an auction years ago. They match my silly mood at the moment!

The game was pure carnage from the beginning and one of the lads is making a real reputation for himself as he charged around the board hacking down several opponents! He just so happens to be the smallest / meakest lad in the group IRL.

He will recieve a special miniature next week to signify his new 'bruiser' status.

Roll on next week.


  1. The Ork running towards the pink hat case is hysterically funny!

    1. Only a discerning gentleman like yourself would notice such a thing.

      I tip my cap Sir.


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