Monday, 2 March 2015

The Forsaken. Mordheim Reikland Mercenary Warband (MK3) and 28mm Dread pirate Roberts proxy

With the gorgeous sunshine this weekend I managed to finish painting up Dread Lord Crashhart to add to the motley crew of whats left of the Forsaken, and take some decent pictures.

Painting black in artificial light (even with daylight bulbs) I find a nightmare so was pleased for the decent light at the weekend following the misery of the week before.

This gave me the chance the finish up Dread Lord Crashhart (as well as make a decent push on 2 other miniatures with very dark colour schemes).

First up are the Heros (Left to Right); Crazy Joe (champ), Dread Lord Crashhart (Capt), Red (promoted swordsman) and 'Bob' (youngblood).

Next the Henchmen (left to right); Archie (Marksman), Cairo (swordsman), Spook (high diving Marksman) and Jeffery Archer (Marksman).

Next up the Hired Swords (left to right); Rags (wizard and occasional member), Arnold Leggenbreaker (Ogre) and Grim Ironjaw (Troll Slayer and part time Bloodbowl player).

With Dread Lord Crashhart (formally known as the Youngblood Eric), I have gone with a more cartoony feel to the miniature. This is probably due to the mask.

The grey "eyebrows" are inspired by the 60's Batman as I felt the large expanse of the bandana needed something to fill the gap.

"Eat this zombie barstard!"

 I also went with a slightly more OTT cartoony sneer, which looks kack close up but works at arms length (with is the distance you really look at minis anyway).

Here are the two side by side.

For a quick kit bash I am more then happy with the results

One more down. 380 to go!

Also making good head way on "Full skin Willy" my next Young blood and also a potential new Champion!

Thats an average of 10 mini's a month, so only three and a bit more years to go and I will be able to buy some new miniatures!

The following are just some more photo porn really.

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  1. Hey, look at this technique to the pedestals with cobblestones



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