Friday, 27 March 2015

Gripping Beast SAGA. The old one two!

Got to be honest I feel a bit bad writing this one up. Al's waited two weeks for a game and it took longer to set up the figures and chew the cud then it took to play the game.

Walloped Al in two turns. Poor sod did not even win initiative!

turn one full of cunning plans

I set up in a 'flying brick' formation with most of my forces close enough to be activated by my Warlord if needed, to get round 'intimidation'.

I move forward with my full force and place my archers on the hill. I have given up using them as missile troops and figure I will just throw them into combat with lots of battle board abilities as a nice surprise for someone.

Al moves forward aggressively and it looks like he plans to crash into my flank with a heavy force of Warriors.

He then makes the mistake of using his Warlord to move his slingers with 'come with me'. He places his Warlord down first and I suddenly realise how horribly exposed his leader is and he does not have any die on the 'intimidation' ability!

He moves a unit of 12 warriors up as body guards but its too late and I have seen an opportunity to finish this. With a good roll of the die his arse is mine!

Look at that Anglo Dane all out on his own!
I roll the die, do the maths and have to smile! I have a pang of guilt so raise my eyes to Al and say "I think I have this one in the bag already. Do you want to see something cool?"

Unaware of the danger he is in due to the large number of Warriors around him and my Berserkers being miles away Al simply smiles back and says "do your worst!"

And with those words his fate is sealed (depending on the die!).

I activate the Hirdguard using 'follow me' and they are within charge range of the warriors. I activate again and Al trys to play my fatigue to reduce my movement but I'm still in.

I boost the Hirdguard attacks to see off the Anglo Dane warriors for no losses (I guess Odin was smiling down at this one!).


"where you going lads?"

....... activate again to surround the Dane Warlord. I go all in with 'valhalla' and I watch Al's face drop as the pile of attack die grows and grows!

Al tries to stem the flurry of attacks by sacrificing attack die for extra defence die but an above average roll of the die sees Als Warlord stomped into the ground while his ENTIRE warband stare on, helpless to intervene.

Turn two full of dead warlords!
Al stares down in disbelief. He has only lost 5 figures. Unfortunatley one of those is his Warlord!

I shuffle my feet and try to avoid eye contact as I say "well it's only early, we could get another game in!"

Al declines so we put the kettle on and I talk Al through what just happened.

Sorry mate!


  1. Ouch! A lesson learned there I think, perhaps two: don't isolate your Warlord and don't underestimate the carnage Viking warriors can cause :-)

    1. yer, if he had not moved his Warlord first I probably would not have spotted the opening.

      Lesson 3.... What is the point of Levy?????


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